Child dies in rural Paso Robles ATV accident

June 26, 2015

road 2An 8-year-old girl was killed Thursday when the ATV her father was driving overturned at Heritage Ranch near Lake Nacimiento. [KSBY]

Shortly after 7 p.m., the father and daughter were riding on Heritage Road near Heritage Loop Road. The father then lost control on a curve and the ATV overturned.

Emergency personnel airlifted the 8-year-old girl to Twin Cities Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Jon Tatro

I live at Heritage Ranch and 99% percent of ATV operators are responsible. That being said we need not get on a bandwagon to point fingers. The family is hurting and I’m feel so very bad for them.


I also spent many years in Heritage Ranch. I was always amazed how good people did things that were inherently dangerous once they learned the vehicle code did not always apply on the Ranch. A simple act of loading the whole family into a trailered boat and driving a mile at 25 plus mph to launch it is dangerous. Open alcohol and DUI during the summer afternoon is common. Folks complain, Sheriffs try to enforce what they can and people complain louder. This is a tragic accident. Pray for the family and for the future victims.


A lot of people use the polaris type atv’s and golf carts, to cruise around in Heritage Ranch. Usually it isn’t an issue, they just drive along the shoulder of the road. Sometimes I have seen way too many people/kids on board at one time. It always has made me a little nervous when they’re piled with kids. Also there is a heavy drinking culture up there. A lot of the residents drink and drive around the ranch (not wasted, but definitely having had a few) and a lot do not wear seat belts if they are staying in HR. Hopefully this is not the case with this accident.


From the Tribune: “The Polaris was equipped with lap and shoulder harnesses, but they weren’t used…”

Please read and take note.


I hope and pray alcohol was not involved. I knew a guy that accidentally backed over and killed his year old son. These kinds of situations are too horrible to even think about.

honest abe

The most depressing situation imaginable. My heat goes out to the father.


Those things are too dangerous for children to be on, even with an adult…….some things are just sorta dangerous, ATVs kill. Okay now, you can pile up on me for telling the truth. And yes right wingers, you do have the right to risk your child’s life on one of these things, no argument there.


For anyone who didn’t know that an ATV can be dangerous, they know it now after reading this story, don’t they. You’re comment is just plain cruel and unnecessary.


Stupid comment. They don’t kill any more than cars kill.


Not percentage wise…..ATVs are way more dangerous. Cars have a real purpose, ATVs are an excuse to drive like a crazy person for fun….I do feel for this family….I have kids and grand kids too. There are probably safer, just as fun ways to have a good time. If an adult decides to go for it, let ’em….it’s just putting kids on these things that I object to.


SandyK You manage to turn this tragic event into a political statement..shame on you

My heart goes out to the family, the loss of a family member is devastating When it is a child it must be the most unbearable loss to endure.

Rich in MB

It’s what progressives do.

Remember never miss an opportunity to let a tragedy go to waste.

School shooting….terrorist attack….ATV crash.

They use emotion to go on attack.

It’s who they are and how they operate, see because when the proper role of government is to control….well they want it to control!


a government of and by people shall not perish


You mean I’m acting like a Tea Bagger….?


This is not a political thread. It is about a tragedy of the worse kind. Calm down, and give your loved ones a huge embrace and tell them how much you love them. Be thankful they are still with you. Leave all the political jargon where it belongs filed under irrelevant….

fishing village

I’m so sorry Good dads who play with their children, try to do the right thing, oh dear.


Oh my gosh, this is the saddest story I’ve heard in a long time. That poor father. Accidents happen and this is such a horrible tragedy to occur when a loving dad is sharing quality time with his child. I can’t even imagine what he is going through. God Bless him and bring him peace during this nightmare that he doesn’t deserve. My prayers also go out to this young girl’s mom and all her loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them. .


This will haunt this father for the rest of his life.

Sadly, most marriages do not survive the loss of a child.

What a tragic, tragic event. My heart goes out to this family.


Prayers to the family. This is every parents worse nightmare. God bless you.