Cuesta College employee nabs private data

June 13, 2015

crime sceneA Cuesta College employee is accused of downloading private data including employee names, addresses and Social Security numbers to their private email account.

Cuesta College President Gil Stork notified Cuesta College employees through a Thursday email in which he said that no particular employee appeared to be the target of the database breach. Stork then warned employees to take precautions to protect themselves from the breach noting the college would follow up with suggestions.

“There is no indication that your specific information was targeted,” Stork wrote in the email. “Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to take measures to help prevent and detect any misuse of your information.”

On May 31, the employee breached the data base and sent the information to their private email account. After learning of the breach earlier in the week, Stork reported the incident to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office and California Attorney General’s Office.

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Let me guess……Cuesta will now start pleading that they do not have enough updated hardware and software to avoid hacking and they need more funds. I noticed no employee was named-even though they reported it. Cyber crimes are everywhere these days. But, I can say one thing: if that is one of their IT students….send them to MIT! They may simply be genius at what they do….and want to demonstrate to administration that there are weaknesses in their system. You cannot just approach someone at Cuesta and say “look how weak your firewall is”. You would be completely written off and ignored. Academia has an air of being “above the students” in every sense of the word. They cannot be approached either.

ho, u r so insensitive! This is serious for Cuesta employees. Dude have a heart.

Is it really so difficult to spell an entire word like other adults do? Maybe your a 13 year old girl…that would explain it.

“you’re”, not “your”. Touche.

Well, we have descended a few notches to The Jerry Springer Show. Messy emotions, ad hominem fallacies and really bad punctuation.

FALSE ALARM people! It was just Stork trying to download the letterhead to his home computer.