Paso Robles apartment catches fire

June 20, 2015

paso robles firetruck 2A kitchen fire broke out Friday morning in a Paso Robles apartment, prompting firefighters from three agencies to respond.

Shortly after 10 a.m., Paso Robles firefighters arrived at the two story apartment building on 1203 Alamo Creek. Firefighters from the Atascadero Fire Department and Cal Fire helped extinguish the blaze located in a second floor apartment.

Firefighters contained the fire within 13 minutes and declared it under control in less than an hour.

No residents of the unit that caught fire were home at the time.

The fire damage was limited to the kitchen area, according to the Paso Robles Fire Department. But, heat and smoke damage occurred throughout the home.

The monetary cost of the damage is not yet known. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.


Seems like a LOT of “mutual aid” was needed for a little upstairs fire?

Am not ragging on public safety here, all of us of course appreciate the firefighters who are running into a burning building when everybody else runs OUT, yes, however I would appreciate it if someone knowledgeable would comment IN DETAIL on any tax, money or other consequences or entanglements that could have costly or negative tax or public money consequences, when TWO extra agencies roll their big iron to probably a meth lab hotplate little fire.

If there are none (entanglements, costs, backdoor taxes or networking), GREAT, post that in detail also. Thanks.


I agree. There are many stories like this where multiple units arrive to handle a minor incident. Overkill = $$$


We are talking about a fire in an apartment building here. I don’t think that they can know the extent of the fire before going out on call. A big one in an apartment complex could easily require multiple units to keep it under control and limit damage. There are some cases where I agree with you that government over-reacts to incidents (SWAT teams to bust minor drug dealers comes to mind), but this one seems like a reasonable one to me.