Parking rates going up in SLO

June 19, 2015

SLO_City_Emblem_fullcolor_neutralbkgThe San Luis Obispo City Council plans to raise parking rates this summer as construction on new developments will lead to the temporary removal of some spaces in the downtown area. [Tribune]

On Tuesday, the council unanimously endorsed a plan to raise the hourly rates for the three downtown parking structures from 75 cents to $1. Two of the parking structures are located on Palm Street, and one is located on Marsh Street.

The council is slated to give final approval in July, and the increase is expected to take effect in August. The first hour of parking at each structure will remain free of charge.

Over the next year, the city will remove more than 200 metered parking spaces as it closes three frequented lots for construction of the Chinatown and Garden Street Terraces developments. Construction has already begun on the Chinatown project, and some spaces have been removed.

The Chinatown project is located along Monterey Street near Mission Plaza. Garden Street Terraces is situated between Garden and Broad streets and Marsh Street and Garden Alley.

In all, the city is expected to remove 143 spaces for Chinatown construction and 59 spaces for the building of Garden Street Terraces.

The city plans to relocate the credit card meters in the affected lots to downtown streets. Parking at those meters will increase in cost from $1.25 an hour to $1.50.

The rate increases will not affect all downtown meters, but the council could discuss more rate hikes later this year. The city has not raised parking rates since 2009.

Tim Bochum, deputy director of transportation, said raising rates in the structures will offset the revenue lost from closing the parking lots.

The city has long discussed building an additional structure at the corner of Palm and Nipomo streets. The council is supposed to discuss a revised schedule for design and financing of the garage at a meeting later this year.

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There is no resolve without stopping the aggressive change imposed on our local culture. More students, hyper-advertising for more tourists and more Gov is a garrantee for converting this town into the screw-up we all came from. Increased parking rates is a remedial short term correction.

As someone who has seen more than the cosmopolitan metropolis that is San Luis, I can verify that your downtown has less amenities than an average chain shopping center in suburbia. There may even be a gas station or two in the country that serves better food than anything you have.

Seems to me the town should really be renamed to Cal Poly. I see a college which just happens to have a town inside it.

Not being “cosmopolitan” is exactly why we object to these “big city” antics from the city council.

Us long time local natives, LOVE our little town, with it’s little town amenities. The problem, as we see it, is all of you “cosmopolitans” coming here to out-price the standard of living.

Currently, $500,000 for a house that, 50 years ago, originally sold for $15,000.

Houses built atop and on the sides of every hill, that used to be filled with cattle or crops, or locals riding horses.

Gorgeous, and historic buildings, razed to make way for a parking garage.

So, yeah. We get pretty upset when “big city” people move here, jack up the prices of everything, change the look to fit THEIR ideal of a city, and complain because we are not “cosmopolitan” enough for them.

Make a right at the bottom of Higuera, and hit the highway back to LA. We’ll stay here without you.

The question I have is: Does SLO really need a deputy director of transportation? I mean, is SLO’s transportation system so complex that managing it requires more than (what I assume) a Director of Transportation is capable of alone?

Sometimes I think SLO is like a small child wearing over-sized adult clothing, pretending (in all seriousness) that their amateur-hour antics are completely justified, financially-speaking.

To everyone whining about paying for public parking downtown. There are costs involved and they go up with inflation like everything else. If you want to park in an area where space is at a premium, expect to pay for it. (If you think SLO is bad, check out most major cities.) I can’t say whether the fees are excessive in terms of costs and are just being used to pad the General Fund — but I doubt any of you know either. If you can offer proof beyond a tendency for the city to do this for many other cases, do it. But I will not automatically assume that EVERY fee increase is unwarranted or that every city service is overpriced.

But really, if you don’t like the costs, just don’t park downtown. I rarely do and that is part of the reason. The City has learned a truism for the American economy at large: “Image sells.”

As long as they can continue to promote the downtown and its “atmosphere” successfully, they don’t need your business because they will attract plenty of suckers willing to pay the price.

Don’t park downtown? I don’t. I drive to up to Paso where the parking is free, the people are nicer, and the service is better. Can’t stand going downtown anymore…

Can we safely assume that by “inflation” you are indeed referring to such things as salary increases and bonuses for city officials?

When you consider the timing of the water and sewer, and parking increases

AND the wage increase for the city manager and city attorney…one has to wonder.

When is enough, enough?

Mostly the same stores in Paso. Park for free. Your point is moot.

Why would a community actively DIScourage shoppers from supporting their businesses?

I resent every penny of any increase that goes to government salaries and pensions, which where most of it goes nowadays. We are paying more and more and getting less and less. The city is running shoppers out of the downtown with this but don’t worry they will raise fees and licenses on the merchants and sales taxes on consumers to make up for it. Government, good for government employees, little else these days.

Oh, that’s better.

This would be why I don’t shop downtown SLO ….

I resent every nickle that goes to government salaries and pensions. and thats where most of it goes these days. Every time

What about PENNYs?

“Garden Street Terraces developments.”

See folks. Gov’t is in the business of creating crises these days. Lately it’s been “Severe drought, conserve water.”I’ve seen it on the big gov’t billboard signs along the 101!

Water/sewer rates going up. Residents being punished for “using” to much water! Oh!, the humanity!

Yes, over reaching “lords of their positons” elected gov’t officials/entities, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. If there really is one to begin with. But wait. One is coming soon. [Crisis], the likes of which the world has never seen. Nor will ever again. [God].

In the meantime SLOCC, how about a moritorium on new construction? Whether approved 5 years ago, or just 1 week ago?

I’m hoping that NOAA’s 2016 large El Nino event for the West coast will become a reality. However, it’s really up to our Creator.

Science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. Paraphrased from Asimov. Didn’t account for the willfully stupid.