Raw sewage spill in SLO

June 8, 2015

SLO_City_Emblem_fullcolor_neutralbkgTwo San Luis Obispo residences were damaged after  approximately 500 gallons of raw sewage spilled from a blocked sewer line on Sunday.

Shortly before noon, the sewage spilled from the sewer main and into a gutter on the southwest side of the 1600 block of Santa Rosa Street. The sewage flowed northwest on Santa Rosa Street to Islay Street, then southwest on Islay Street and into storm drains that flow to Fixlini Creek.

The sewage also spilled into two residences. The city contracted with a company to clean up those homes. In addition, the city sent a vacuum truck which recovered an undisclosed amount of sewage, according to a San Luis Obispo County Health Department press release.

The city wastewater division reported the spill to the county health department. The county health officer is required by California law to inform the public of hazardous waste and sewage discharges that affect state waters.

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Just curious how this makes the news. Yet Cambria has another spill a few weeks ago much much bigger on Main street into a creek. And it goes unnoticed? I know the South Slo Sanitation had its fair share of problems and I am thankfull for Cal Coast News bringing it to light. But someone might want to take a look up on the North Coast. Its just as bad if not worse up there! At least South Slo Sanitation is making progress. While it seems Cambria is regressing.

Let the inter-governmental Blame Game begin.

Whichever agency you think is responsible for this has been feverishly working to figure out how to blame a sister/brother agency for it.

The South SLO County Sanitation District got slammed with a (currently) $1.1 million dollar fine for the very same problem.

Unlike the SSLOCSD, the city of SLO can afford it – they’ll just issue tickets to the flooded folks, for having stinky back yards that are too odoriferous for their neighbors.

Insult, injury, salt, wound.

So who gets fired, who in the department loses part of their salary, and where is the accountability for government agency screw-up? So the department pays the fine or not. Where can you find taxpayer liability in this?

Hey. Where are the Mothers for Peece?” They should protest! This is outrageous!

$%!& has ALWAYS flowed down hill in SLO.

Exactly what I was thinking, and this spill is only a few blocks downhill from city hall.

The spill volume was estimated by John Wallace Engineers ?

Someone help me, I can’t quite frame it correctly or satirically. So I will let someone else post a clever twist on suggesting use of the same vacuum truck to clean out the council chambers and staff seating area.

Next story “Sewage rates to increase in City of SLO”

Only 500 gallons? The dogs and the homeless in this town do that much doo every week. Before public sewer sytems were private septic tanks and before that were cess pools. I would just clean up what can be and not eat off of the ground until next year, this is not a big deal.

Way too much clarity with Jorge’s statement.

So is the DA looking into criminal charges like in the Refugio oil spill?

Or is that only for private industry and city industry gets a free pass to dump raw sewage into the creek?

One government agency investigating another government agency?…That sadly does not seem to be possible today. That is why we have to sit and watch as proven law breakers keep their jobs and or their cushy retirement at the IRS for example.

The quote of the day is…..Crap indeed rolls downhill. If the top gets away with lying, cheating, covering up, pointing their finger and over all poor governance then the lower agencies will try it as well.

Private industry is the target. You nailed that. That is where the money is. It’s as if we are financially cannibalizing ourselves. We elect leaders and they take office and immediately begin to tax and sue and fine and fee or ban us to death. Are we retarded or what? The government belongs to us it’s not a little wishing well for the elected and their army of worker bees.

18 trillion in debt nationally and if we had an honest state media in California we would be horrified of the true economic numbers we face in California. Wake up folks it’s getting knee deep.