Police nab SLO burglar

June 8, 2015
Steven Michael Williams

Steven Michael Williams

San Luis Obispo police accuse an Arroyo Grande man of burglarizing a business Sunday morning and then attempting to break into a nearby home.

Steven Michael Williams allegedly broke into San Luis Print and Copy at 265 South Street on Sunday morning. Officers responded to a burglary alarm at the business at around 7:35 a.m. and found that a suspect had fled with cash.

Around 8:30 a.m., a resident who lives in an apartment complex at 2221 King Street reported that a man had just attempted to break into his home. The victim said the suspect rung his door bell, and moments later, tried to pry open one of his windows.

When police arrived, they found Williams at an apartment complex across the street with the tool he likely used to try to pry the window open. The victim of the residential burglary identified Williams as the suspect.

The site of the attempted residential burglary is approximately two blocks away from San Luis Print and Copy. A witness who saw the suspect running away from San Luis Print and Copy told police that Williams was likely the same person.

Officers arrested Williams for both attempted residential burglary and commercial burglary. They booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $75,000.

Williams recently became homeless and has been staying in San Luis Obispo, police say. He is also charged with violating probation, according to the jail website.

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You should have stayed clean Steve….

Damn it, it’s too bad that CAPSLO’s 250 room homeless project isn’t up and running yet. If it was, at least Mr. Williams would have had a place to conduct his burglary business from, and paid by the taxpayer.

Yes, you build it, and they will come.

Ted: That comment seems quite the departure from your usual rhetoric. Good for you!


How much do you want to bet that there is a long sad story of Drug abuse in our good thugs past? If Mr Williams can’t control himself, then he needs to be locked up, but you just know what will happen with our overcrowded jail system, don’t you. He will be found guilty, get a few days in jail, and then sha-zam he will be out on parole again and the next time he might end up killing someone’s mother who was unlucky enough to be home alone in his next robbery attempt.

This is why we pay taxes.

This is why we form Government of the people, to Protect the People!

Not to create Government Jobs and Careers with lavish pensions and perks.

Governments are created to keep the people in the community safe and when it fails to do that it’s time to change it!

There is a history of drug abuse. I met Steve during a period of time when he was clean and doing well. He is a very nice guy….and so are most addicts….until they pick up and use.

So if I only beat my wife when I am drunk, can I still be a nice guy?

Don’t think so.

He’s really a good guy, and didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

He was getting his life back on track, etc. etc.

We’ve all heard that BS before, it gets old.