SLO Council approves raise for Dietrick, bonus for Lichtig

June 3, 2015
City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Manager Katie Lichtig

San Luis Obispo City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to give City Manager Katie Lichtig a cash bonus and City Attorney Christine Dietrick her fourth raise in four years. Dan Carpenter dissented.

The council also granted Lichtig a car allowance of $450 a month, or $5,400 annually, a benefit that Lichtig previously waived. Lichtig’s cash bonus is a one-time payment of $7,600, and Dietrick’s raise increases her base salary by more than $12,000.

The raise bumps Dietrick’s salary from $175,006 to $187,252. Previously, Dietrick received a 3.5 percent raise in 2012, followed by a 4.5 percent bump in pay in 2013 and a 4.2 percent salary increase last year.

Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

City Human Resources Director Monica Irons says Dietrick’s salary has been well below the median of comparable markets in recent years. Prior to her latest raise, Dietrick was receiving $256,759 in total compensation.

Lichtig’s base salary is $221,500. Prior to receiving the car bonus, Lichtig was making $313,031 in total compensation.

The council hired both Lichtig and Dietrick in 2010. Lichtig has not received an increase in her base salary since being hired.

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Hard to find language for the weak minds on the council. Just hand out money to greedy, mediocre players. Dis – f’ing – gusting. We (collective we) in this county elect some of the worst performers in public office, and they hire and retain the App/Lichtig’s of the world.

Whats amazing is not what they get paid, but that this sleepy little town pays better than some of the largest towns in the country. There are many towns with better economies, that are better run that pay 150k for these types of positions. There is something crazy about SLO, maybe it’s that state hospital. Can’t put my finger on it.

Dexter: There is a long list of incompetent posers you can stick between these two in addition to Kelly Gearhart.

How about Steve Adams, Gesell, Solomon…How about Michael Blank, the former director of the local CRLA, let go for lying on his billing.

It is a local standard now, to take for your self and screw everybody else.

So glad to see the sales tax extension money going to good use. voters never learn

Learn….or lied to?

Welcome to Bell. We need the Feds to come in and rid this town of the corruption. The pathetic thing is that we all see it and do nothing…including me. This is verging on organized crime.

Well, maybe you should stop complaining and start acting. And that goes for the vast majority of the voters in SLO. Talk is cheap – actions take some guts.

If you, and all the others, that have dispersed words to the effect that the monies paid to these 2 is outrageous, maybe even a crime, then act.

The ballot box remains the one, legal way for the people to take action (witness what the

voters in Arroyo Grande did to their egotistical mayor).

There is also the possibility of a recall, but that is very small.

But whatever is done, it won’t be just words that will create change.

You should add a picture of Kelly Gearhart strategically positioned between Lichtig and Dietricks photos. Then we could enjoy a real rogue gallery. One steals from elderly investors and the other two steal from the taxpaying public.

My question is this…..are all the city employee’s salaries based on the same criteria? If not, why not?

Imagine what the severance packages will look like when the city becomes disenchanted with either of these two….and they will, it’s just a matter of time. The council better start saving THE TAX PAYERS MONEY now.

comparable markets start when you are atleast doing the job you were hired to do. miscalculating tens of millions of dollars of OUR money in order to cover up however many raises, “cash bonuses”,and whatever other family vacations, first class flights, or five star hotels/meals the chief of police n most likely whoever else felt entitled to. then pay them out six sum figures when it all goes public n theyre locking in other positions elsewhere. I mean fbi, irs, does anybody hold these people accountable for where tens of millions of taxpayer dollars went? basically it was oops, we could have sworn we had a extra 30 million, our bad.

Legal plunder.