SLO Council approves raise for Dietrick, bonus for Lichtig

June 3, 2015
City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Manager Katie Lichtig

San Luis Obispo City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to give City Manager Katie Lichtig a cash bonus and City Attorney Christine Dietrick her fourth raise in four years. Dan Carpenter dissented.

The council also granted Lichtig a car allowance of $450 a month, or $5,400 annually, a benefit that Lichtig previously waived. Lichtig’s cash bonus is a one-time payment of $7,600, and Dietrick’s raise increases her base salary by more than $12,000.

The raise bumps Dietrick’s salary from $175,006 to $187,252. Previously, Dietrick received a 3.5 percent raise in 2012, followed by a 4.5 percent bump in pay in 2013 and a 4.2 percent salary increase last year.

Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

City Human Resources Director Monica Irons says Dietrick’s salary has been well below the median of comparable markets in recent years. Prior to her latest raise, Dietrick was receiving $256,759 in total compensation.

Lichtig’s base salary is $221,500. Prior to receiving the car bonus, Lichtig was making $313,031 in total compensation.

The council hired both Lichtig and Dietrick in 2010. Lichtig has not received an increase in her base salary since being hired.

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Lichtig and Dietrick are skipping and smiling all the way to the bank while Gesell is leaving our county. No matter how much we all rant and rave, they got what they wanted and are raising their middle finger to the rest of us. There truly is a stink bug in here somewhere and I’m just waiting for someone to uncover it and the truth will set it free. I say off with the heads of SLO City Council for approving these pay increases and giving free reign to these two to terminate Gesell.

I worked for the state for almost 35 years and there were several times we didn’t get salary increases, for as long as six years, due to the economy. In fact, we went through furloughs and took a 10% salary reduction. And I made the choice to stay the course and not seek other employment thus I had to accept salary cuts and no salary increases.

Lichtig and Dietrick applied for their current positions and if they weren’t okay with the salary, then they should not have applied for or accepted the positions. Someone is holding the “treasured goods” over the heads of one or more city council members.

I have zero empathy or understsanding for these two women who requested and received salary and bonus increases.

Car allowance? Why should anybody get a car allowance? I had a job whereas I had a car allowance. I donated that amount to charity because a car allowance doesn’t make sense.

What kind of significant changes have these 2 done to deserve their current salaries before the raises?

Mayors in other towns are visible in the community helping out charities and other grass roots events. I am not aware of these 2 ever being involved in the community.

Car allowances are part of the scam They are really a tax exempt bonus that most top paid administrators give themselves.

We live in an era when we have to save more, make less and make other sacrifices. Yet arrogant people in power are careless in giving each other more power and pay raises. As Americans we criticize other countries as being corrupt whereas there is abuse of power and a wide divide of income between the rich and poor. What about the good old USA whereas we have billionare athletes, celebrities and Goverment officials who keeps giving themselves raises when you and I are constantly saving?

When has a Government employee ever been passed over for a raise? I wish I could just ask for a raise and get it automatically.

I hope these 2 leaders are very efficient. If they aren’t-I hope they hear about it load and clear.

They certainly are efficient if by efficiency you mean lining their own pockets at the expense of taxpayers while selling the City Council (majority) on how good they are doing.

Who needs 313k/yr? What difference does it make to have an extra 12k, 25k, even 100k at that point? You’re filthy rich, you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it. Ludicrous.

How others are hosing the system shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Everyone should go to the CALIFORNIA TRANSPARENT webpage and you can check the complete pay package of any government employee. What is really interesting is when you check the summary of any city you will see what the median pay is for employees of that city and also what the median income is for the rest of us. It appears that government employees are held way above the rest of us and that they certainly take care of themselves. What would these 2 parasites earn outside of government employment?

” Dietrick’s salary has been well below the median of comparable markets”, well then if she wants more money tell her to try and get a job in one of those markets. It should be this jobs pays this much and if that’s not enough look for a job somewhere else.

“Lichtig has not received an increase in her base salary since being hired” but she has receive many other perks that effectively raised her base salary.

I’m interested in what qualifies as “comparable markets” Miss Lichtig has one of the highest salaries in our county for government agencies which in turn forces the others to have to consider raising their salaries in order to stay competitive just locally. Also did the comparable markets assessment take into account the differences in cost of living?

We should just post these jobs every two years and bid them out to the lowest qualified bidder.

Perfect. Thank you for listening to the thousands of comments from our community that disapproved of this. You, SLO City Council, are part of the problem.

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