Conspiracy theorist attacks banks, police and top corporation

July 9, 2015
From Meissner's Facebook page

From Meissner’s Facebook page

Armed with a sling shot and metal balls, a 26-year-old Morro Bay man allegedly opened fire on the windows of 11 bank buildings, as well as the San Luis Obispo Apple Store and the Morro Bay Police Department, during two recent sprees of vandalism.

Officers arrested Joshua Ryan Meissner Tuesday evening. On Tuesday morning, he allegedly fired multiple ball bearings through the front doors and windows of the police department.

Meissner then drove around to the rear alley and fired more rounds at a Morro Bay patrol vehicle, damaging the windshield and frame. Minutes later, he shot an object at a Chase Bank Window in the 500 block of Morro Bay Boulevard, according to a San Luis Obispo Police Department news release.

On June 9, Meissner allegedly vandalized the windows of 10 bank buildings in San Luis Obispo, as well as the Apple Store. The Apple Store window was valued at $20,000.

From Meissner's Facebook page

From Meissner’s Facebook page

The news release makes no mention of a possible motive for the vandalism.

But, Meissner’s Facebook page shows recent posts about a police state, the Bank of Canada, the military industrial complex and the U.S. Supreme Court approving of FEMA camps. The page also lists Meissner as a member of the Facebook group “Chemtrail Info of SLO County.”

On July 1, a San Luis Obispo police officer contacted Meissner during a traffic stop at around 1 a.m. The officer released Meissner, though, because there was no probable cause to arrest him, according to the press release.

Morro Bay Police Department

Morro Bay Police Department

Meissner was driving a white Ford Ranger pick-up at the time. The vehicle was registered in his name.

On Tuesday morning, a witness reported seeing a man stop a truck in front of the Morro Bay Chase Bank building and fire an object at the bank’s window. The witness described the suspect as a white male in his 20s with a thin build.

Joshua Ryan Meissner

Joshua Ryan Meissner

The witness also wrote down the truck’s license plate number and gave it to police. The license plate number showed the truck was registered to Meissner.

Morro Bay police informed local authorities that Meissner was wanted for using a sling shot to shoot out police and Chase Bank windows.

Around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Cuesta College police officers stopped Meissner’s vehicle near Foothill and California boulevards in San Luis Obispo. Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo detectives arrived at the scene.

From Meissner's Facebook page

From Meissner’s Facebook page

When they searched Meissner’s vehicle, detectives found two high-power sling shots and a bag containing 75-100 silver ball bearings. Police arrested Meissner without incident and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Meisnner remains in jail with his bail set at $40,000. He faces three counts of felony vandalism, according to the jail website.


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Why label him as a “conspiracy theorist” like that is some kind of a pejorative. The man obviously has psychological issues, but they have nothing to do with the fact that our society is being driven into a condition of debt slavery by an elite cadre. The man feels the need to strike back but can’t focus his attack at a target that would have meaningful effect.


I’ve been pondering for years how I can actually have a “meaningful effect” on issues you mention. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but… I just can’t figure out how a monetary crisis in a little country such as Greece can affect the entire world. Maybe the rich aren’t getting rich fast enough.


Meaningful effect would come from cancelling your satellite or cable TV service, quit voting the two so called “main stream” parties, force your representatives to defend the Constitution of the United States like they have sworn to do.


Learn from history….the rich never have enough . They’ll strangle everyone else in pursuit of…what?

This is what ’empire’ embodies. This is what oligarchy imposes. This is what societal degradation dictates.

YOU are willing slaves, or you are not. Simple choice. Will you live in bondage, complacent, silent, complicit ? And die ?

Or will you be brave enough to say NO ! F*** NO !


jimmy_me …you know any real ‘rich’ persons ? Not looking to bait you, but I have.

Generally, they are not a bad sort overall, but are quite stupid….having not to work much or excel in any field in order to be ‘prosperous’. Most are happy ‘takers’ that never worry about bills or rent or anything that concerns us ‘little people’.

( Yes, I have heard this disparaging comment from them more than a few times ).

Laftch has guided . Check out C. Wright Mills… “The Power Elite” and Dr. Morris Bermann, “Why America Failed “.


Why would he be so angry at banks? Banks are regulated by our government so if there is anything the banks are doing that you do not like then you have a beef with your representative not the bank. When Diane Feinstein runs for office she gives speeches on how she will get a handle on bankers and then drops the ball after she gets re elected. Same with every one of our current representatives in DC and Sacramento. Here in California we are being raped by banks when compared to other states with penalties and banking fees. I just ordered new checks for example and I’m pretty sure Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni would have given me a better price to make my checks.


While there are some laws that banks must adhere to, the FED is a mostly independent consortium controlled by the banks themselves. Though they dont mention it on tv, far and away the most significant reason our country and every other western country is in so much debt is because every dollar printed comes at a debt owed to private banks (and since the switch to a fiat system some time ago, the money is backed by nothing but faith, so in essence banks are able to profit without really investing anything like gold, etc). I do agree with you that our representatives are largely to blame, though.


“I do agree with you that our representatives are largely to blame”

Of course they are, when they say to us that they will control banking abuses they are taking on that responsibility. When they fail to do so they should be fired, I don’t blame the independent banks or even the big national banks for doing business in a pursuit of profits. That’s expected. The problem occurs when they donate to our state and federal politicians and by doing so they are allowed to take us to the cleaners. If you want to solve the problem I would suggest term limits and public funding of elections and campaigns. That would solve a whole lot of problems.


Couldn’t agree more. It seems like the left likes to focus in on business while the right blames government, but it’s the two of them scratching each others backs that is creating many of our problems. As per their job description, though, elected officials are expected to reach a higher bar of ethical standards — and when this does happen it becomes much easier for everything else to just fall into its proper place.


Well stated…^^^


WOW ! Rambu promotes public funding of elections and campaigns.

That’s SOCIALIST and what Bernie Sanders has been saying for decades. Whoa ! I agree !

Go to and take the test. It’s completely blind. Do it as comprehensively as time allows. Then see who YOUR candidate really is.


Sometimes a birds wing tips will touch in flight. Real conservatives have been screaming for term limits forever no matter whom is in office. It’s the beltway establishment that doesn’t want term limits. Both sides of the isle really wants nothing to do with change.


But issues are not important or critical until some blind ideologue on the left steals it as their own (read: freeing slaves, removing confederate flag, civil rights, etc). Then history is quaintly re-written and propagandized.


I’m OK with him breaking the banks windows, wouldn’t want to see the employees hurt but I don’t mind those corporate criminals that run the he banks sustaining losses.


Ahhh, ineffective. Maybe if we did like Iceland and actually imprisoned the banksters, or like China that just takes the crooks out to a back alley and executes them summarily.

Until then, their ‘Too big to fail – no shame’ protocol; will keep these parasites operating as a legalized crime syndicate.


Smiley any chance you have a 401k? Pension? Then look in the mirror. B of A for example is 39% owned by general public. A lot of us hold shares in these companies. It is the executive runners of the establishments you may have your issues with??


I can do you one better. You know who pays for the broken window? You and I. Apple takes no loss, nor does their insurance carrier.

How is that? Well, Apple has insurance. They’ll file a claim. Whatever company they use will have met requirements based on state/fed laws. Those laws are written to protect the companies, and will pass the major risk, not to the holders, but on to the public markets. The public markets will transfer the risk on the Washington DC. Washington DC takes the risk and puts it in the public treasury. The public treasury is backed by the faith you and I have in the government. Granted a 20k window doesn’t filter down exactly through this. The point is that companies are much smarter than people and the country generally works for them.

The most troubling part of this story is, it would not be a stretch nor out of the norm to read a story just like this but where bullets were fired.


A true punk…..and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Jorge Estrada

I think he need to be enlisted to the frontline somewhere in the Middle East where he can bad mouth anything that will keep him alive, for awhile. An attitude adjustment overdue.


These kind of guys get other good men and women killed. No thanks. I love my Veteran, and wouldn’t want this kind of guy to serve with any military person.


Your gonna need a hell of a lot more than a sling shot to liberate us buddy. Come back with an air rifle maybe an your one man revolution may get off the ground. lol


A quick google search by a potential employer disqualifies him from any form of employment.

At least the taxpayers will be able to support him in jail for a while, rather than support his lifestyle of mayhem with ball bearings and slingshots.


Regrettably, taxpayers will probably be supporting him long after he is out of jail.


Chemtrails = Kooktrails.


“Chemtrail Info of SLO County”? More mental illness on display like Jenner and Dolezal. Guy needs to get help and stay locked up.


“Jenner and Dolezal” Why go so far afield when Morro Bay has plenty of home grown “experts” with face-book pages.

More from Morro Bay’s finest, lol.


So, jonhartz …tell us about Dylan Roof, Dylan Klebold, Timothy McVeigh, Jared Lee Loughner, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jerad and Amanda Miller ( that killed two policemen and one other in Las Vegas ).

BTW, Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have not killed or harmed anyone.


Actually, Bruce Jenner killed a woman in February in a car crash. Caitlin has denied any responsibility.


By gosh, you’re correct ! Another irresponsible Republican killer like Laura Bush !


And then there was Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, except that inebriated Ted ran away, didn’t report the accident, and allowed Mary Jo to drown.