Tom Selleck accused of water theft

July 9, 2015
Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

A Central Coast water district filed a suit Tuesday against Magnum PI star Tom Selleck, after a real private investigator discovered the actor allegedly stealing water from a public hydrant. [LA Times]

In the lawsuit, the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County claims a tanker truck filled up at a hydrant more than a dozen times and hauled water to a 60-acre avocado ranch between 2013 and 2015. The district paid a private investigator nearly $22,000 to discover who was stealing its water.

In 2009, Selleck garnered permission to take water from the public hydrant. However, several months later after the district learned about a law that bans transferring potable water outside a district’s boundaries and told Selleck to stop taking water from the hydrant.

“Our 630,000 customers are ripping out their lawns, drastically cutting back on the water they use,” said Eric Bergh, resources manager for the Calleguas Municipal Water District, to the LA Times. “The water that we have secured for them, that they have paid for, should remain in district boundaries.”

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Tom Selleck has been vindicated. The tanker belonged to a company that was paying for the water and Selleck was buying water from that company for his farm.

Anybody see anything wrong with them paying TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to a private eye for this? THAT is the real crime.

They didn’t pay it, the rate payers of the district did. It wasn’t real money for them and I’m guessing they didn’t ask the rate payers if they wanted their money spent that way. Now if the money came out of the salary of whomever authorized it they may have thought twice before throwing the money away.