Disabled child spends school day abandoned on the bus

July 14, 2015

school busA driver for the Goleta school district left a 4-year-old boy with brain damage sitting on a parked school bus for four hours last week. [KCOY]

On the morning of July 6, the driver was transporting four children to summer school. The driver delivered the other three kids to school and then drove to the bus yard at the Goleta Valley Community Center.

Emilio Garcia was still strapped in his seat when the bus arrived at the community center yard. The driver left the bus and returned four hours later to find that Emilio was still on the bus.

Emilio’s mother, Mirna Ramirez, said she received a phone call from the school district telling her what happened. Ramirez picked up Emilio, who was still on the bus and crying when she arrived, Ramirez said.

A paramedic examined Emilio and cleared him to go home.

Goleta Superintendent William Banning said there are protocols on drivers checking the bus for children that should have prevented the incident. Banning would not say, though, whether the district has taken disciplinary action against the driver.

An investigation is ongoing, Banning said.

Emilio was born with a condition that caused brain damage. He has been taking special needs summer classes at Kellogg School, for which he recently started riding the bus.

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Sounds like the dumbass driver is the one with special needs. It’s amazing how careless some people can be with a child. Thank God the little boy is ok, this could have been a tragedy if it was any hotter.

His commercial drivers license should be revoked, his job terminated. Goleta Superintendent William Banning: anything less calls YOUR JOB into question.

Sorry…HER license should be revoked.

I’m glad the boy is alright. Some of mom’s TLC is the best medicine.

Homer Simpson quit his job at the power plant and now drives a bus in Goleta. Jeez Louise, can’t the guy count to 4? It’s not like he was transporting 40 kids. There were 4 kids on the bus, not 1, or 2, or 3, but 4 on the bus.

Reckless endangerment and dereliction of duty….bye bye.

I’m sure the driver’s Union will disagree with you on that, and the taxpayers will be paying all along the way.

Oh, the union would have us believe the driver was overworked, tired, underpaid, and distracted, when in fact, the driver was negligent, reckless, and just plain stupid.


LAW SUIT !!!!!

Banning wouldn’t say whether the driver would face disciplinary action. WHAT!? I think the driver’s actions in endangering this child warrant immediate firing. Ever hear of a head count or checking the bus for kids that are strapped in before you leave it abandoned in the hot sun?


Ever hear of a public employee union?

Here, I’ll translate for you!

They say:

“Banning would not say, though, whether the district has taken disciplinary action against the driver. An investigation is ongoing, Banning said.”

What is meant:

We’re checking with the union to see what we are allowed to do, hopefully they will take long enough that everyone will just forget this and we can all move on as though nothing ever happened.

Yes. I used to belong to one and you are correct.

The only way you could be fired was to rape your supervisor while at work in front of 20 witnesses. Even then it would be about a 50/50 chance you might keep your job.

ONLY if the supervisor is a union member, no?

Where did the article say the bus was left in the hot sun?

And people wonder who a parent forgets their own children in the back seat of a car sometimes.

I am so glad to hear the child was fine when they discovered him 4 hours later.

That poor child. I can only imagine how frightened he must have been. Very sad state of affairs that. Might be time to put out a want ad for a new bus driver!

Charged with making sure only FOUR kids make it to school safely and she could only see to it that THREE of them get there? That’s pretty sad.

Isn’t a 75% success rate good enough for government work?

Heck in government you can have a 0% success and still get a raise,

Good point. The driver deserves a raise.

Failing Up. It’s been brought to a whole new level in the last 6-8 years.