Lacey Fowler seeking release from jail

July 16, 2015

Lacey FowlerFormer Cuesta College human resources analyst Lacey Fowler, who has been arrested four times in a span of less than two months, asked a San Luis Obispo judge to release her from jail. Judge Michael Duffy denied the request and instead raised her bail. [Tribune]

Fowler, 29, is facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges, including one count pertaining to a breach of the Cuesta College data system. On Monday, she failed in her attempts to first flee from police and then to strike an officer.

On Wednesday, Fowler appeared in court for an arraignment hearing. She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against her.

During the hearing, Fowler requested that she be released from jail while her court proceedings continue. After Duffy denied the request, Fowler’s public defender, Patricia Ashbaugh, asked the judge to reduce her bail.

But, Duffy set Fowler’s bail at $950,000 and said a high bail is appropriate. Duffy said, though, he would take input from the county probation department on the bail reduction request.

Fowler’s bail was set at $727,000 on Monday, after Paso Robles police officers managed to take her into custody.

Court records state Fowler forfeited $115,000 of previous bail.

Fowler’s felony charges include burglary, forgery, unlawfully accessing data and possession of methamphetamine and cocaine packaged for sale. The misdemeanors she faces include battery on a spouse, violating a restraining order and resisting arrest.

In late May, Fowler allegedly breached the Cuesta College data system remotely and emailed employee names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers to her private email account. When officers searched her home, they discovered more than four pounds of methamphetamine and heroin.

On July 6, Fowler failed to appear at a court hearing on the charges of unlawfully accessing data, spousal abuse and failure to comply with a restraining order. The following day, she allegedly burglarized a commercial vehicle and cashed a forged check at the Paso Robles Walmart.


Well gee wiz judge, I know that I ran away and hid until the police found me rather than show up in your court as ordered. I know that I committed more crimes when I was on the run and impersonated a person from the list of information that I hacked from the Cuesta HR system and then I stole over $1K with a forged check. I know all that but I was only 7 days late before I finally did show up. I’m here now aren’t I even if it took the police to bring me in and I know that I didn’t co-operate and tried to deck the cop that caught me and all but can I have another chance?



I’m sure whoever she forfeited $115,000 in bail money to would be glad to write her a new bond. That’s easy money!


The bond money will be returned to the bondsman. The share paid by the person who co-signed the bond won’t be returned’ that’s typically 10% or about $11,500 in this case.


I’d be very curious to see her latest and greatest mug shot.

Something tells me she may nor look so happy, or nearly as attractive.


This is a prime example of why chain gangs and hard labor are needed. Shorten prison sentences and make them live in tents with no comforts. If jail was a true punishment then crime rates would drop.


It seems like Joe Arpaio has been attempting that and taking a ton of flak from the Federal Govt. for doing so.


He’s only doing half of it. Shorter sentences to save money and ease overcrowding is the key, both of which cause conservatives heads to explode.


Crime rates have dropped. Lowest level of violent crimes since 1978.

Still, the US incarcerates more than any other country in the world, including China with a population 5 times the US.

Why ? …The phony ‘war’ on drugs.

Ms. Fowler will undoubtedly spend some considerable time locked up. Here’s hoping that allows her to get the treatment to stay off of drugs/addictions, and get her life in order.


She wants to be released after a FTA and all the other charges, what a class act she is.

That is quite a rap sheet she is working on, your mom must be so proud of you.


Musn’t forget we’re also paying for her defense.

Adding insult to injury.


Good for Duffy, he let Ms Fowler know he won’t tolerate her thumbing her nose at the court by jumping bail.

She deserves just what she got.


Would any of the bail bonds companies post that bail given her last disappearance while out on bond? What will she put up for collateral, her meth lab?

Get used to that cell Lacey.


The bond would have to be fully collateralized. The applicant/co-signer would have to have property worth the full $750,000.


Lock her up – throw away the key!!


Lock her up and throw away the key