Lightning strikes Paso Robles man’s pickup

July 21, 2015

lightningLightning struck a Ford pickup truck on Highway 101 on Sunday, but the man and dog inside only suffered minor injuries. [KEYT]

Paso Robles man James Benson was returning home from delivering birthday presents to his granddaughter in Templeton. He had just passed the Highway 46 off-ramp when lightning struck his vehicle.

The lighting cracked the windshield and ripped off the antenna. It also shut down the electrical system, including the power steering and power brakes.

Benson’s head hit the mirror, and his chest hit the steering wheel. But, when another man came running over to the truck, Benson said he was all right, and he asked the man what happened.

The other man informed Benson that lightning hit his truck.

Benson said he never saw the lightning. All he could remember was a loud boom and the windshield cracking. He described the sound as the biggest noise you would ever want to hear.

Benson’s dog Buster suffered some bumps and bruises. The lightning did scare the devil out of Buster, though, Benson said.



  1. Pelican1 says:

    I think I’d buy a few lottery tickets.

  2. Black_Copter_Pilot says:


  3. indigo1955 says:

    I guess the car tires do not ground us and prevent that like I thought they did! Glad everything is okay….

  4. Vagabond says:

    Where’s Ted! A real act of Ghod!

  5. 3 putt says:

    This has ALL of the elements for a great Country Song.

    • Vagabond says:

      I wonder if he was listening to Rush Limbaugh at the time. Makes sense with the antenna thing

    • Jorge Estrada says:

      Listen to me doggy, you gotta understand, beleive it or not, it’s in the makings of a man.
      Light….ning is stri….king again, and again, and again………….

      • 3 putt says:

        Ol’ Buster lit up like a lightbulb
        That fateful Juuuly night

        My pickup truck is busted
        It gave us quite a fright

        Buster is a sooner dog
        He’d sooner sleep than eat

        Now when he hears a rumble
        Buster runs to warm my feet.

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