Los Osos Cal Fire captain arrested for insurance fraud

July 27, 2015
Neal Moriarty

Neal Moriarty

A Morro Bay man who works as a captain for Cal Fire was arrested along with his brother last week on multiple felony counts of insurance fraud. An investigation by the California Department of Insurance led to the arrest of Neal Moriarty, 38, of Morro Bay and his brother Ross Moriarty, 42, of Los Osos.

Cal Fire Captain Neal Moriarty and Ross Moriarty, a licensed insurance agent, were arrested last week. The Moriarty brothers allegedly submitted a fraudulent claim to collect $13,709 following an automobile accident.

While off-duty, Cal Fire Captain Neal Moriarty hit a deer on U.S. Highway 101 near Camp Roberts which significantly damaged his vehicle. At the time of the accident, he was uninjured and uninsured.

Neal Moriarty then called his brother who used his position as a licensed insurance agent to reinstate Neal Moriarty’s automobile insurance, according to a press release.

Ross MoriartyThe brothers then conspired to falsify the timeline of the accident and to report a fraudulent claim to the insurer in the amount of $13,709. After insurance investigators asked for phone records due to suspicion surrounding the validity of the claim, Neal Moriarty failed to provide the records and just one month later, withdrew his claim.

Ross Moriarty was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail and Neal Moriarty was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail at the end of his shift at the Ben Lomond Conservation Camp in Santa Cruz. Both of the brothers bail was set at $120,000.

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Shit what a bunch of low lifes. Get some insurance from The General, its literally as easy as the commercials make it to be and its cheap!!

I can’t believe how quick everyone is to judge these guys. IF what they are accused of doing is even true, they are just fools to have gotten caught and have not only jeopardized their careers but also their families and that’s the unfortunate part of all this. They are not malicious people by nature. Ross didn’t scam his customers, he was just trying to help out his little brother and failed. Just because their uncle was booked as a scam artist doesn’t mean they are. The question I have is why the heck is a CAL FIRE captain driving around UNINSURED when he could get easily get car insurance???? Stop burning these guys at the stake-what they’re being accused of was wrong but stuff like this happens more than people want to admit.

I understand that there is a need to protect a image of character, but it is way too late for that Insurance fraud is a SCAM. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a felony. They weren’t stealing food for the kids, no it was for money. Ross stole from his company and his clients. if he is found guilty.! This wasn’t a crime of passion, no these 2 fools, as you describe them, willing did this, under no distress other than for financial gain. The only question I have is, were the other local Farmers agents involved? In my opinion, definately yes. Pull your accounts from this company as quickly as you can. This fraud runs deep….

Maybe this family really believes they’re related to Professor Moriarty!!! As in the story of Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle. Farmers insurance in the SLO area needs to open the books to show that all of their financial transactions are honest and legal, fraud is running rampant here. Gearhart, Moriarty, Yaguda and maybe Farmers, what is the common denominator????

Wait it gets better… their brother Trevor Moriarty is the Farmers insurance District Manager! I wonder how much he knew about the whole deal I would bet they are checking him out as well.

At this rate they can get a family jail block in Lompoc.

Anyone who has Farmers insurance in SLO county should run!

Corruption must run in the family. First, Uncle Al with his ponzi scheme and wipes out millions from innocent people throughout this County and still says it was do to the economy breakdown; and now two nephews with good honorable jobs play this game, ruin their careers, add more to their family burden over a $13,000 truck! Greed cannot ever be measured by people of privilege. The Moriarity’s use to be a respectable name in this County on many levels but especially with their Notre Dame love and loyality, Mission School support, Cal Poly $600,000 Scoreboard, and all those prayers at the Old Mission on Sundays. Guess you weren’t heard boys or maybe you were and God didn’t like what you were asking for.

Brother Ted, these boys need a sermon!

It is indeed a sad testament about the Moriarity family. Like many of the “privileged”, they think the rules do not apply to them.


Thinking that the rules don’t apply to them doesn’t just occur among the privileged.

Maybe they were just trying to impress Uncle Al? ;-)

I don’t understand why such a high bail. Both men are long term residents with strong family connections and employment in the area. They don’t seem like a flight risk. The purpose of bail is to insure that the accused will not flee the jurisdiction of the court and will appear at trial.

Do they have substantial assets in a foreign country? Definitely take away their passports. Do prosecutors plan on bringing additional charges?

Let’s face it, these guys are busted. It’s time to arrange a plea deal. Losing a license to sell insurance and losing a state job with Cal Fire and losing a truck are punishments that will be added to any sentence. My guess is that they get probation or a couple months in county jail.

They should be prosecuted to the extend of the law. As ratepayers, we all pay for the scam these immortal a$$ho!*s create. If not caught, and I am sure many are everyday, we as ratepayers pick up this tab. Hang them and let due process work on these guys, geez, they knew better, a Cal Fire Captain and a insurance agent with another brother the district manager and all having gone to Mission School – remember one of the lessons, Thous shall not steal! Throw away the key!