Senators say California must dump Donald Trump

July 10, 2015
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Ten state senators all calling on state-run enterprises, private businesses and individuals in California to stop investing money with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom they accuse of racism and hate speech.

On Wednesday, Sen. Isadore Hall, D-Compton, along with nine colleagues, introduced Senate Resolution 39, which calls for divestment from Trump, The Trump Organization and affiliates. It likewise condemns U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, also a Republican presidential candidate, for defending Trump’s remarks.

The resolution quotes Trump from remarks he made at a presidential campaign event last month.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said.

Trump went on to say, “And some, I assume, are good people.” The resolution omits that sentence, though.

“Presidential candidates including Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have unfairly demonized and falsely blamed undocumented immigrant families for a range of problems and challenges facing the United States,” the resolution states.

If adopted, the resolution will not compel anyone by law to divest from Trump’s holdings.

Hall told the Sacramento Bee that he is in discussions with the state’s public retirement systems. If they have any holdings in Trump enterprises, he will introduce a divestment bill, Hall said.

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The left has hijacked our 1st amendment right to free speech. Plain and simple.

However, if you are bent left, there is nothing wrong with what comes from your mouth as long as it is based upon what the ideology of the left is. It can be hate, racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, the list goes on. Their defense? None!

It is extremely the opposite for the right. Then you’re tagged with being either a phobe this or a got that. And the media is full on in line with the left. The few media types that don’t agree with the leftist agenda are tar and feathered. And now, if you’re white, the latest tag line from the left is “White privilege”. Really? Heck, I can remember as a kid till the age of 11, living in Pomona and attending an elementary school there, black kids would roam the playground in 4’s and 5’s and go around threatening to beat up or beat up us white kids. Was that black privilege?

I’ve seen alot of things in my 56 years but I’ve never seen our nation divided such as it is now. And this division has taken place in just the last 6-1/2 years. Get it?

Gov’t is not and has never been perfect. Run by folks just like us. But Gov’t over the years has created the perfect storm. The storm we see today. And it’s only going to get worse. Much worse. Gov’t has become so HUGE and the left [to my shagrin], has been so patient and now successful in its indoctrination of our children through public education, that we as a nation, once the strongest motivating force in the world, has been completely gelded.


“I’ve seen alot of things in my 56 years but I’ve never seen our nation divided such as it is now. And this division has taken place in just the last 6-1/2 years. Get it?”

Yes I do and this is how it starts/happens:

“However, if you are bent left, there is nothing wrong with what comes from your mouth as long as it is based upon what the ideology of the left is. It can be hate, racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, the list goes on.”

“The left has hijacked our 1st amendment right to free speech.”

No, your own comments prove that wrong and just like trump you can buy whatever media coverage you want and say whatever or stand in mitchell park or your 3 min at the supervisors etc.


You all might find this interesting. Between 2001 and 2009 Trump was a registered democrat and he publicly advocated:

1) A complete switch to a universal healthcare system.

2) an additional 1-time tax of 14% on all wealth owned by citizens making $2m +

3) Immediate and complete military withdrawal from the middle east

4) Pro-choice

5) Legalize all drugs

5)Staunch Clinton supporter/ and donated a lot of $ to leftest issues

So, which way does trump swing? Did he have some epiphany or does he have ulterior motives. Regardless of intent, it’s obvious that he is driving the conversation within the conservative party far to the right, alienating the moderate majority of voters within the gop. Maybe he’s just been a shill this whole time. Where is the media? Why aren’t his leanings being discussed more? What is really going on in american politics?


Well, he must have been one of the few SMART Democrats because at least he woke up and found the truth.


… and if these douchebags thought they had a majority vote, they’d outlaw all Republicans …

I get it that part of politics involves grandstanding, but these weenies need to find some productive work to do.


Racket, you don’t know how right you are. The other story out of Sacramento is about a Democrat Assembly Committee head, Roger Hernandez, not allowing discussion on an bill and shutting off the microphone on the Republican trying to speak.

Roger Hernandez is also the one responsible for the anti-Uber bill, requiring Uber to hire employees instead of having independent contractors. The bill has not been voted on by the Assembly, but Uber will likely just withdraw from California if they are required to change their entire business model and become a taxi service instead of a “ride sharing” system.


Donald Trump was right. It is proven by the hysterical reaction from the left. Notice that Trump’s poll numbers went up? Voters think he is right also. I am trying to decide between Trump and Cruz. I think Cruz should be President and make Trump his Secretary of State!


Why? You do realize that he has bankrupted his businesses at least four times? And he has kicked his wives to the curb twice to chase the dollar. The man is a sociopath and he is only running this sham candidacy for personal gain. That’s ALL he has ever done and to expect different now is sheer folly.


Yes, the man took daddy’s money and sustained a typical rate of return for a while, but bad investment decisions have almost completely run his businesses into the ground. As far as politics goes he speaks to platitudes and half-truths but offers no realistic plan of action. His grandstanding is all about ego and campaign contributions.

But go ahead and give him the gop nomination — that is if you want to alienate the moderate base and hand over the presidency for another 4 years.


My issue is more basic.

What on earth gives State Senators the right to try and Censor Donald Trump??

It is a complete violation to his right for free speech. He isn’t shouting fire in a crowded theater. He isn’t telling white people to pack weapons and shoot anyone that looks “too latino”. He is stating his opinion.

The US people, private industries, sponsors, etc all have a right to CHOOSE how they respond. They can choose to respond by supporting Trump, boycotting Trump, blogging about him, what ever is legal.

The Senators need to pick a different fight, like how to hire more border patrol agents, how to build the El Rio Grande border wall, how to help California not run out of water…..


Divestment is not Censorship, Period. The State Senators work for The US people, we get to choose.

Trump is free to go on about whatever, whenever, this is America.

“El Rio Grande border wall” No this is about Donald Trump, stop FUDing things.

Kevin Rice

I was about to disagree, but I see you wrote, “Period.” So, I guess I’m assed out. Or, are you too closed-minded conservative to be open to discussion?


The period really represents that the the fact that the words Divestment is not the same as Censorship, literally.

Trump has not lost his free speech anything and he can go anywhere and say anything (in America, I can’t speak to his reception in Chad or Mexico) he wants, censorship free.

We are also free to not purchase a Trump Brand product or service (or any other) if we so choose in America.

“So, I guess I’m assed out.” Not sure, have you seen a doctor or a speechwriter?

Discuss away because I am curious how not buying BP gas or stock or not buying Koch toilet paper or construction bonds is somehow censorship?


You obviously don’t understand what the right to free speech is.


Does our State Senate understand Divestment? Look at how many lobbyists THEY have. I know it is hard to do, we are told as little as possible so we are muddied on who is backing them, what they represent, what their political philosophies are, but Senate who speak of morals and ethics make me LOL.

With regard to, “you obviously don’t understand what the right to free speech is”, ok then; enlighten me. I am being totally serious.

If Senate/House want to start “divesting” people who have said offensive things, ok. Then let’s all get out our notepads, roll up our sleeves, and start this. Let’s look at companies, lobbying groups, ANYONE who receives money from parties who are offensive. If Senate is to single out Donald Trump, then that is discriminatory.


The right to free speech is being able to say what you want (there are restrictions, like yelling “fire” in a auditorium) without fear of incarceration. Mr Trump has in no way been silenced by the government. Yes, Trump is being singled out. Our Government does that all the time.


We divested in South Africa and other not so nice places, there exist lists of countries, companies and people that the public $ may or may not be invested into.

These things have been decided for longer than we both have been alive. Only now with the internet, social media and light speed communication can everybody play along if they dare.

“then that is discriminatory”

“adjective: discriminatory

making or showing an unfair or prejudicial distinction between different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”

So discrimination against the rich? Politicians? Bad hair? Gaudy decorating?


You are absolutely correct. Where in the hell does any politician come off trying to personally or economically discredit or destroy another American for simply expressing their right to free speech. Last I recall there was no law disallowing being racist,hateful, stupid,smart, white,black, skinny or fat. These 10 jackasses should be removed from their positions. Considering Trump is up top, how would you like it if all those who put him there ban together and boycott all services within the service areas these hypocrites supposedly represent.


In reality Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance however, if you ever needed someone in the big house with a big “pair” I feel you’d have found your man in him. Mexico has forever belched their felons onto our soils and in among all of that we’ve gained some good working souls who simply want a better life for themselves.

But, in ever step THEY took it’s been about them and never to benefit America. Lock the borders and stop bleeding us all dry!


I frightens me to imagine the Donald conducting negotiations with foreign countries. He’s such a bully, if he didn’t get his way would he throw a temper tantrum in the middle of Putin’s office? I just kind of giggle picturing it, but seriously I just don’t see him being very diplomatic with anyone who isn’t a middle aged white guy.


No, I will not be voting for Trump, nor do I believe he is diplomatic enough for the presidency. But I would LOVE for him to be our negotiator. He definitely has proven skills in that venue and I would guess that he could give any politician a master class in the arts of negotiation.


Sanctuary cities are a huge mistake the evidence is overwhelming. I do however support sanctuary streets…we can start with the ten streets that the ten senators live on.


There are plenty of ‘sanctuary cities’, but they are called ‘gated communities’. They hide the rich and privileged.