SLO man attempts to kill his father in Los Osos

July 29, 2015
Turner Newman

Turner Newman

A San Luis Obispo man, who once brought an arms cache to a local bank, fired shots into his father’s Los Osos home early Tuesday morning, allegedly in attempt to kill him.

Shortly before 4 a.m., Turner Lee Newman, 23, fired multiple shots through a front window where his father was sleeping at his home on the 1600 block of 14th Street, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Newman’s father did not suffer any injuries.

About four hours later, Atascadero police found Newman in his parked vehicle on the corner of Santa Ysabel Avenue and Parriza Court in Atascadero. Newman was in possession of the semiautomatic handgun used in the Los Osos shooting, according to a press release.

After questioning, Newman was arrested for attempted murder and shooting into an occupied residence. He is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

In March 2013, San Luis Obispo police found Newman “dazed and confused” sitting in a parked vehicle in the Heritage Oaks Bank parking lot. When officers searched his car, they found a loaded shotgun, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, a large machete, zip ties, leg restraints and duct tape.

When police searched Newman’s computer, they found he had researched methods of drugging, maiming, rendering unconscious and possibly killing people.

Shortly after the 2013 incident, Newman accepted a plea deal and received a five-year prison sentence. He was released early from prison, though.

San Luis Obispo police helped sheriff’s investigators determine the victim in Tuesday’s incident was Newman’s father.

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Plea deal, schmea deal. Why bother having a court/legal process at all. It’s useless and fails to protect law-abiding citizens from Newman and other like-minded individuals whose sole purpose in life is to injure and destroy. His father came close to becoming a statistic; but, no worries, our legal system surely has everything under control.

another jackass released early from jail to repeat more crimes…..

When is this country going to get tough on people….. and protect the citizens who obey the laws.

The jail system is broken, simply locking people up doesn’t work. If they need mental help then they should stay in prison until they are certifiably sane and the living conditions should be severe enough that even the thought of returning is abhorrent.

Here is the problem. I went to CYA in Paso about 15 years ago, at the invitation of the V.P. of the place who I causally know.

So we walk around and I ask him and others, man how do guys like this do prison, not for me. They said but you are looking at it wrong. You have freedom’s you don’t want to give up. They grow up in about a two block area (city L.A.) with their homies, smoking, drinking and hanging out. Here at CYA it is the same guys from the hood and they are hanging out in a…………two block area, and he said, they still smuggle in their drugs, so it is about the same situation.

Now the million dollar question, how do you solve that? Until you solve that, then you will never solve the cycling in and out of prison, because no pain, no gain.

Oh and one more, you don’t want them back? Do like Sheriff Joe, tents, fans and Bologna sandwiches and t.v. on News and Cartoon Network but then they WHINERS come out saying, oh that’s not fair.

Lets this be a loud lesson for all the gun control and anti gun advocates: Laws dont stop or prevent violent gun crimes. Dangerous people will always get thier hands on a gun or weapons. That being said, I think its time to discuss the rights of the mentally ill and get to the real source of the problem! Any person will be stripped of thier 2nd amendment rights for merely a felony, but a mentally ill person can refuse meds and proffessional help while thier rights are protected even after a long history of violent behavior.

Dangerous people will always get their hands on a gun melt the guns.

Yea and knives and cars (to mow into crowds) etc. Maybe we should melt all the knives and guns also huh?

Okay genius, how are you going to melt ALL the guns? Or re you just going to melt the ones law-abiding citizens turn in?

I think your statement is ridicules. You should know that all you have to do is ask for everyone to turn in their guns and the criminals will be more than happy to oblige. Geez. Yea that was hard to type with a straight face.

It must be very sad to have a mentally ill son and a system that allows repeat offenses. He was once a suckling child and now he has greater needs.

He is just confused and misunderstood. He doesn’t need jail time. He just needs loving cuddling rehabilitation. He will be fine.

Amazing some missed the sarcasm.

Sarcasm never seems to play well on this site.

It isn’t that it doesn’t play well, its that people aren’t smart enough to recognize it.

Hey, voters: You voted for early releases, remember? Grampa Jerry also helped.

While not a Jerry fan, let’s be fair. If I remember this wasn’t voted on. I thought it was the Feds that said we had to meet a mandated minimum beds per inmate prison size??? Hence they kicked down a lot of offenders to the counties and a lot of the counties stuff (people) got probation for lesser things. Not agreeing with any of this, just stating how I thought it went down.

For those that want to hit down, check this out.

Sorry to confuse you with the truth. BTW notice halfway down article where Fed capped prison population at 110,000

In March 2013, San Luis Obispo police found Newman “dazed and confused” sitting in a parked vehicle in the Heritage Oaks Bank parking lot. When officers searched his car, they found a loaded shotgun, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, a large machete, zip ties, leg restraints and duct tape.


And he’s back on the street? Nothing scary about that.

So this guy gets a 5 yr sentence, and serves what…less than 2 years? WTF? Yet my misdemeanor DUI charge wont go away for 10 years and I have to have special insurance for 3 years but this guy gets out of PRISON in less than 2?

There’s is a lot more money in DUI arrest. There’s no money in serious crimes…….