SLO man dies after Cayucos paragliding crash

July 18, 2015

hospital_signA 55-year-old San Luis Obispo man died after a paragliding accident Friday afternoon in Cayucos.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the man crash landed in an open field east of Highway 1 and 1,200 yards south of the Cal Fire station located at 108 Chaney Avenue. The man was transported to a local hospital where staff pronounced him dead shortly after he arrived.

A witness told sheriff’s investigators that the victim experienced difficulty while paragliding. There are no indications of foul play or drugs or alcohol, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The sheriff’s coroner’s office is investigating the incident.

Authorities are waiting to release the victim’s name while they contact family members.


Years ago when my Grandmother was alive, a drunk driver literally drove through the front door of her house, landing on top of her favorite sofa where she loved to nap. Thankfully, dear grandma was at bingo. So my point is, even in the comfort and safety of home, sometimes stuff still happens.

I am a huge fan of Carpe Diem. Just don’t hurt others while you do it.

I will keep the family of this lost adventurer’s soul in my thoughts.


So my point is, even in the comfort and safety of home, sometimes stuff still happens.


Good thing you added that because the first part really was way out in left field.


I must have been tired or I would have made it even more clear.

Had my grandmother been lying on that couch, napping like she often liked to do, that car would have smashed dear granny and I would have lost years of awesomeness with her.

I was conveying a point that when your time is up, it is up. You can be paragliding, climbing a mountain, fighting cancer, or…. taking a nap on your couch. While I am not a fan of unnecessary risk, I am also not a fan of people thinking that adventure is dangerous and home is safe.


Bucket list win. Condolences to the family


Everything we do in life has a certain amount of risk associated with it. To say that this unfortunate person was engaging in a “dumb ass activity” is a dumb ass statement. Living life and doing what you love is what life is all about, even if there are risks. I imagine that you drive a car, if so, you must be an adrenaline junkie knowing the odds of being involved in a fatal accident compared to the odds of dying in a paragliding accident. Go ahead and play it safe, sit on your couch eating potato chips and die a long slow dull death.


I heard that he didn’t seem all that badly injured at the scene and died at the hospital. Is this true?


I’m no doctor but it’s likely be bled to death internally from ‘Traumatic Aortic Disruption.’ This is a very common cause of death for those involved in accidents that result in blunt force traumatic injuries.


There are many injuries that do not cause external trauma. I would like to think this man bumped his head on impact and simply went to sleep without any suffering.


It’s terrible when someone is killed while engaging in a dumb-ass activity like paragliding. Extreme sports like base jumping or free climbing are done for the adrenaline rush. It’s like a drug. There are enough opportunities to be seriously injured or killed just going through an average day. To risk your life from an adrenaline rush is just plain dumb. Extreme sports are dumb.

Maybe his family will understand but I never will. My sympathy goes out to them for the loss of their loved one.


Dumb assed? walking across the street is dumb assed. Sitting on your ass and commenting about other people is the most dumb assed thing in the world. What the hell did you do today? Sit on your dumb ass and do nothing? If someone wants to do something exiting and dangerous, good. I rate their existence far more worthy than a dumb assed commenter that does nothing.


I’m not done. I’d rather die in a dumb assed mistake that die in a assisted home with demetia. Terrible? go to an Alzheimer’s care facility. Screw safety. Live life large!