Water leaks for hours in Los Osos after construction mishap

July 7, 2015

waterWater flowed into the streets of Los Osos for more than five hours Monday, following a construction accident in which a sewer repair contractor struck a water main. [Tribune]

The water main broke around 10:30 a.m. at Green Oaks Drive and Crest Avenue. Golden State Water Co., which owns the broken pipe, did not stop the flow of water until about 4 p.m.

Robert Freiler, a resident of the area, said water ran down the street, traveling about three blocks and into a gutter. The water did not flood any houses, but it took a long time to shut the valves off, Freiler said.

About 50 customers in the Bayridge Estates neighborhood lost water after Golden State shut off the stream in the broken pipe. The water company said it hoped to have water restored to customers by Monday evening.

Contractor Specialty Construction caused the water main break. The Los Osos Community Services District is paying Specialty Construction to repair decades-old sewer lines that were installed in anticipation of a sewage treatment system.

Workers must raise the old lines in order to hook up them up to the county sewer system that is currently under construction.


A representative from Golden State called me today to explain what happened yesterday with the pipe break in Bayridge Estates and hours of leaking. He explained that the pipe was not mapped or marked, no one knew it was there. Valves nearest could not be turned off and could only be turned down from a spill that was gushing at 400 gallons per minute to 100 gallons per minute. They finally had to turn the supply off at the tank and then begin the refilling process of the tank. The contractor was very helpful in the clean up and even LOCSD crews reacted swiftly to guide the spill to the storm drains that lead to their drainage basin and the leachfield so no water was lost to the bay. This is the good news. The bad news (and it could have been much worse) was 80,000 gallons of water was lost.


80,000 gallons is the equivalent of about 300 homes use in one day. Glad it perked back into the ground.


See! See! This is exactly why a sewer NEVER should have been built! A broken pipeline during construction…can you imagine.

They should have just let the failing septic systems continue to impair the ground water as well as impact the estuary. This is an outrage.