7 men charged with trafficking cocaine

August 8, 2015

hand cuffs 1The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed felony drug charges Friday against seven men for allegedly trafficking in cocaine, according to a press release.

Officers arrested five of the suspects in Los Osos, Morro Bay, Paso Robles and Atascadero on Wednesday. The men are accused of transporting cocaine for sale from Kern County to San Luis Obispo County.

Five of the men – Chase Hanson, 25, Dane Bennett, 26, Jonathan Byham, 25, Alexander Getzbouchillon, 23, and Sawyer Sackett, 18, – are currently being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set from $200,000 to $500,000, according to the sheriff’s department website.  Two of the suspects – Jason Sianez and Alexander Matarese – are not currently in custody.

Charges included conspiracy to commit a crime, transporting narcotics, possession of a controlled substance for sale, burglary and maintaining a place for the sale of drugs.

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Was it Matarese who was part of the catch-and-release program with a six pounds of cocaine on Highway 41 last month?

“Made a mistake” No that’s when you are adding a column of numbers and don’t get it right. Buying and selling cocaine is not a mistake.

I always wondered how those punks could afford that nice apartment. In their defense, it’s about the only occupation left that pays enough to cover housing in Morro Bay.

When are you going to notify the FBI so they can start their investigation?

My comment shoulda being a question to mkaney

These are local kids who made a mistake, they are not violent criminals. The only violent criminals here are the narcotics task force who took them down in a SWAT style raid. The bail listed in this article is not correct, they are being held on a ridiculous amount, $1 million!

Scott Barnes may have a history of some wild tales, but I urge you all to listen to him when he’s talking about our local law enforcement. He is speaking the truth and something needs to be done about it. The NTF, which was supposed to have been disbanded years ago, is one of the most corrupt paramilitary police outfits I’ve ever even HEARD of, much less witnessed first hand (not as a suspect).

They are profiting off of DIRECTLY ruining the lives of others. Even drug dealers only profit off of doing that INDIRECTLY.

Interesting. Two stories today that reflect the current Justice Department campaign.

1) mkaney’s assertion that somehow drug crimes are “mistakes” and inconsequential.

2) The AG felon that ignored officers requests and tried to run.

I suppose it just goes to show that if you say it enough, people start believing it.

Wasn’t Dane Bennett in the Tribune a couple of years ago for beating his girlfriend, and drug possession? Get real, and get out of denial. These aren’t naive kids, but men who risked their freedom by making poor choices. Good guys don’t fall into dealing and using drugs.


Correction, he wasn’t charged with possession. However, comments were made at the time of the incident about his drug issues. Is this violent enough for you mckaney?

Thank you law enforcement!!

3 of those named were on the NTF “Summer Johnson” list. As well as the others who were caught in the parking lot of House of Bread in SLO yesterday, one had his SATCOM Phone with him all while the UC and marked units were doing the take down the real ones were across the street in the Chevron station and in two surveillance vehicles watching the TF take down one of the couriers. The UC’s failed to have gloves on so the finger prints on the contraband will be those of the TF.