Atascadero council raises its own pay

August 13, 2015

atascadero_sign_photoThe Atascadero City Council awarded itself a raise Tuesday, doubling the pay for council members and more than doubling the mayor’s compensation. [Tribune]

The raise will be the first for the Atascadero council in more than 30 years. It will not affect the current council, though, because it is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2017.

Council member stipends will increase from $300 to $600 a month. The mayor’s stipend will rise from $300 to $700 a month.

Also, the monthly stipends for the city clerk and city treasurer will increase from $200 to $400.

The council voted 4-1 to approve the pay increases. Councilman Bob Kelley dissented.

Council members said they were increasing pay in order to encourage more members of the community to serve on the council. In particular, they would like to see younger people from working families serve on future councils.

A city staff report stated Atascadero and Grover Beach currently pay its council members the least among cities in the county. Grover Beach council members also receive $300 a month.

In Arroyo Grande, council members receive $405, and the mayor gets a $500 stipend. The council members and mayor in Morro Bay receive $500 and $700 respectively.

Paso Robles pays its council members $600 and its mayor $800. Pismo Beach council members receive $514.80 a month, and the mayor makes $814.80.

San Luis Obispo pays its elected officials the most in the county. Council members receive $1,200 a month, and the mayor earns $1,500.


I think it is fair for a mayor and council members to get paid that much LOL.

You guys come ON LOL. We pay drug addicts and alcoholics more than that on SSI!

At least they are showing up and dressing up in an ATTEMPT to make they city they live in a better place……

Mr. Holly

This council has operated the city’s budget in the red for several years. There is no apparent effort to even think about obtaining a balanced budget. Once again Bob Kelley realizes this and is the the lone dissenter for the approval by the other 4 council members for their pay raise and additional benefit package.