California bill calls for restrictions on releasing illegal immigrants

August 28, 2015
Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle

As a response to the killing of Cal Poly grad Kathryn Steinle, Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill restricting transfers of illegal immigrants from federal to local custody. [LA Times]

SB 57, authored by senators Bob Huff and Shannon Runner, would require local law enforcement to have an outstanding felony warrant for a person scheduled for deportation before seeking custody from federal immigration officials. The agency would also be required to confirm that prosecutors would pursue a felony charge.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who has been deported to Mexico five times, allegedly shot Steinle in the back while she was walking with her father along Pier 14 in San Francisco on July 1. Prior to the shooting, Lopez-Sanchez was transferred from federal to local custody on a warrant in a marijuana case that was more than 20 years old.

Prosecutors decided to drop the case, and Lopez-Sanchez was released from jail in March.

“He would have been deported back and not sent to San Francisco if this bill had been in place, which would have saved Kate’s life,” Runner said at a press conference Thursday.

SB57 was approved Wednesday by the Senate Rules Committee. The bill would need to pass both houses of the legislature with a two-thirds vote because it contains a clause that would make the law take effect immediately.

Sen. Cathleen Galgiana, a Democrat from Stockton, has joined as a co-author to the bill.

This week, Lopez-Sanchez appeared in court for preliminary hearings in the murder case. A San Francisco judge continued the hearings and has yet to rule whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a murder trial.

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This bill will die. It wasn’t authored by the Dems.

Some, I assume, are good people.

O.K. KB, we get it……you’re a Trump hater.

Turn on your sarcasm detector next time.

There really should be a font for sarcasm. It would make the world a happier place.

Try something different.

so, defy Federal law and be a “sanctuary” city, no problem – try to enforce the law of the land, the feds have a HUGE problem. ok got it

BTW republican bill, must be bad, very bad. Only the democrats know what’s best.

I’m sure there’s other who will agree – like “womanwhohasbeenthere” – I am calling out our OWN GOV’T for discrimination against American Citizens!!! When is this going to STOP? Why is it that ILLEGALS are getting “special treatment” over American Citizens? Is there a Santuary City I can go to if I don’t PAY MY TAXES?? Or how about if I don’t want to pay my traffic tickets? Hey, rob a bank….cuz that’s what I’m feeling like. These people who come here illegally are ROBBING us of tax dollars that could be going into programs to help OUR CITIZENS, OUR FAMILIES – those of us who “follow the rules”. At some point, the Gov’t’s going to create (seems it’s already going that way) the mentality where everyone’s going to say: “hey, well, why do I HAVE TO do this or that” since the illegals get aways with…? It’s very, very sad and if I were the Steinle Family I would be camped out on the politicians doorsteps as well. As it is I call the White House on average at least three x’s a week to voice my opinion, usually in opposition of what Obama is doing because he has our Country in such a mess right now. If you don’t like the Santuary Cities, then pick up the phone and CALL – let the politicians know that the Federal Gov’t needs to cut off Federal Funding to these whack-o cities and I bet it will stop them in the future! White House Comment line: (202) 456-1111

You devalue anything you have to say when you start spouting things that have no correlation with reality. For example, where did you get the idea that illegal aliens to not pay taxes? In fact, illegal aliens pay taxes and don’t get any withholding returned if they are using a bogus SS#. The problem is not that they don’t pay taxes, the problem is that federal government does not turn around and give this money to the states to cover the cost of services.

If you’re wondering why the government doesn’t seem to be listening to your cries, it may have something to do with the fact that those of you constantly whining about illegal immigration don’t actually have your facts straight.

The average California household pays $2,370 annually to support illegal aliens and their dependents. You know, with things like health care and schools. Not all illegal aliens are “undocumented workers” who have payroll taxes taken from their checks. Many are children, and the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill for their schooling and health care.

So much for the argument of illegal aliens contributing taxes and growth to the American economy.

Illegal aliens also saturate the labor market and depress wages. Removing illegal aliens from the labor pool will benefit working citizens.

Let’s try this again, because apparently you figured out what side of the argument I was making, and then didn’t read my actual words:

” The problem is not that they don’t pay taxes, the problem is that federal government does not turn around and give this money to the states to cover the cost of services.”

The reason Californians have to pay that to support illegals is because of political games and some issues in the federalist structure. The services they consume tend to be those paid for by the state, while the feds are getting the money. In the case of legal citizens, the money generally gets to the state in the form of grants. But not so in the case of illegal aliens.

That’s VERY different than them mooching off the system.

The article you linked to is from a Hispanic writer favoring loose immigration laws for her co-ethnics. CNN is an absolute joke of a news source that is far, far removed from its halcyon days when Ted Turner and Bernard Shaw set high journalistic standards. The article full of nebulous claims from the Hispanic lobby and big business interests like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Hard data is largely absent from the article, in it place are hopes and wishes that illegal aliens will eventually contribute to American society.

Growth in sectors like landscaping are cited. Thank you for proving my point. With a glut of service workers brought on by illegal aliens, it is harder for the white, black, and Hispanic working classes to earn a living wage. I did know that there was a shortage of gardeners and janitors in the United States, but apparently there is.

Take the issue of education which I mentioned. The article does not mention education other than a vague fallacy from the cheap labor slave drivers at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about “investing in the future” by educating illegal aliens. The Chamber of Commerce does not care about taxpayers. It cares about an endless supply of cheap labor to line the pockets of the wealthy elite.

The issues you describe in the “Federalist structure” are largely derived from the Constitution. For example, education is devolved to the states. I doubt the Bill of Rights will change any time soon, and this is why the vast majority of education is funded at the state and local level. The end result is that illegal aliens drain the local and state education system. States and school districts are left holding the bag, and whining about the feds not paying their share is a diversion away from the real issue of illegal immigration. The federal government will never contribute the majority of funds to education because to do so would go against American constitutional tradition.

Furthermore, the article I linked to below reveals that third generation Hispanic immigrants have lower levels of academic achievement and earn lower wages than their immigrant grandparents. So America in essence is importing a permanent economic underclass.

Really they pay taxes? So explain how you do that when you are paid in cash PLEASE!!

People warned the leaders of San Francisco when the talk of a sanctuary city first showed it’s ugly head. No one listened, the media called them racist, the democrats said they had no heart. But they were right and the mainstream media and the democrats were dead wrong. Once again…

The ridiculousness of government on display. They have to legislate common sense, and then they’ll feel good about themselves for passing the law for Kathryn.

We are governed by fools at all levels.

Too little too late. This woman lost her life because the California legislature was more interested in ensuring that illegals are granted drivers licenses, and amnesty, and a college education. How truly sad.

That is because Hispanic politicians are interested in defending their Co-ethnics. Instead of taking out the trash (illegal alien criminals), they demand special treatment for their race. It would be like White politicians asking for special treatment for white criminals. Absurdity at its highest level, its why a beautiful Cal Poly grad is dead, why an Air Force veteran in Santa Maria was raped and murdered.

People are tired of the Hispanic lobby using political correctness to defend criminal behavior. That is why Trump is doing so well. He is revealing the idiocy of letting rapists and murderers back into society rather than deporting them back to where they came from.

Hispanic politicians aren’t the only ones who do this. White politicians may not base their favoritism directly upon race as much but they do give passes to (predominantly white) criminals upon whom they are dependent for support.

I am thinking about all the financial industry execs and board members who lobbied the government into removing the restrictions that kept them from high stakes gambling with the country’s financial interests. Many of us are still paying for the fallout of the economic collapse they engineered through their greed. People like Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman-Sachs), Jamie Dimon (currently JP Morgan) and numerous others from Wall Street should just now be eligible for parole from a non-country club federal pen. (Dick Cheney and some of his henchmen should have gone on trial for war crimes too.)

The issue you describe involves money in return for political favors.

This is not the case with with a population that is largely poor (Hispanic illegal aliens). It is not analogous to compare the capturing of the regulatory market by financiers to the total abandonment of law and order created by the Hispanic lobby and politicians. Also, the financial sector is not limited to whites and you will find non-whites working in finance.

Hispanics are advocating laws that favor their race. They are not getting much money from poor immigrants. They are doing it because they favor their race. Mexican-American politicians by and large have called for laws like sanctuary cities that benefit Mexican people. They do not do this in exchange for money like the politicians who regulate the financial sector.

You don’t really understand the details about what happened here, do you? There is a very specific chain of events and details matter. These people are being released because local law enforcement is playing political games. The federal court ruled that in order to hold someone after a judge has ordered them released, you must have cause. It’s very straightforward and it’s covered by the Constitution. Committing a serious felony is considered cause to detain for ICE. So rather than use good judgement and either set the bails high or deny bail because the people are flight risks, or hold people for deportation, law enforcement officials are playing games by just releasing them all claiming they are concerned about liability due to the court case. They are manipulating people.

I don’t understand how a city that defies federal laws can continue to receive federal money.

This “sanctuary” business and the present system of releasing these people is crazy. If this man had been a citizen, would he have been released? Probably not. This policy sounds inherently discriminatory against American citizens; being illegal is like have a “get out of jail free” card regardless of what (other) crime you are in for.

If this law does not pass, I hope someone will try to qualify it as an initiatve on the ballot.

So if I read this right, the federal government had Lopez-Sanchez in custody and was going to deport him. The City of San Francisco asked to have him transferred to them because of a 20 year old warrant. The city then decided not to prosecute him and then released him because San Francisco laws don’t allow them to transfer prisoners to the feds when the only crime is being in the country illegally.

I really hope San Francisco has to pay for this stupidity.

I will wont visit SF as long as they are a sanctuary city.

The problem is when (not if) the city gets sued it is the taxpayers that will have to pay not the city officials that made the decision. If the money were to come from them personally maybe they would have a different opinion. As with much of government they never look at money as any big deal, there is always more, or we can just scare the voters by stating services will be cut