Father shoots son, police arrest son

August 19, 2015

crime sceneA man shot his son during an argument at a Santa Maria home Monday night, but when police responded, they arrested the son. [KCOY]

Around 11:10 p.m., Santa Maria police responded to a reported shooting in the 3400 block of Greenacre Drive. When officers arrived, a man at the residence told them that he shot his son.

The father said he and his son got in a heated argument, during which his son came at him with a knife. The man said he shot his son to stop the attack.

The son, 24-year-old Alberto Flores, suffered a bullet wound and non-life threatening injuries. He then fled, according to police.

Officers located Flores and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.

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Oedipus at work


Jesus Christ,

what’s up with all this violence in our community? Almost every day I’m reading about the most disgusting and violent behaviors–murder suicides, force prostitution and now sons attacking fathers with knives and fathers shooting their own sons?

What is wrong with people? Worse than animals.


Society-morals+values=Decline in civility


This is so sad. What has happened to families?


They got stupid by listening to Faux Noise and AM hate radio.

Jorge Estrada

Arlo Guthrie had to sit on the “Group W Bench” when arrested for littering, next to father stabbers, etc.


Santa Maria: A day without blood is like a day without sunshine!


So Dad (if you can call him that) walks around the house with a loaded gun? But it was in Santa Maria.


Maybe he knew is violent son, sounds reasonable to me, par for the course in SM


If I lived in SM I would have a loaded pistol ready at all times. SM has become the result of a sanctuary city, lawlessness. Feel sorry for the public safety personnel but the City has asked for, wanted it, got it. Just keep it down there!


Green Acre Drive is the place for me….

Santa Maria livi’n like it’s supposed to be….

If I stab my daddy, he’s sure to shoot me…

That’s what we call a real family.


Sad that a Son would attack his Father, and the Father would shoot his Son. Just depressing.

Rich in MB

In Bakersfield we say it’s not a good family gathering unless a fight breaks out.


Wonderful family values


Funny, in ours it’s “it’s not over until someone is hurt”


You must be Irish.

Us Swedes only insult each other, poorly.


Welcome to Calmexico!