Grover Beach man Tased after threatening cop with shovel

August 19, 2015
Calvin James Rowan

Calvin James Rowan

Officers Tased a man who used a broom and then a deadly shovel to assault a California Highway Patrol officer on Tuesday, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

Around 11 a.m., the CHP officer was working a traffic assignment on Highway 1 in front of the Grover Beach Train station. The CHP officer reported he was being confronted by an aggressive man and called for assistance, according to a police department news release.

Grover Beach police and additional CHP officers responded to the scene. The suspect, 29-year-old Calvin James Rowan, had armed himself with a broom and later a shovel that was being used by work crews, Police Chief John Peters stated in the news release.

Rowan, a Grover Beach resident, was threatening to attack the CHP officer. When other officers arrived, Rowan refused all commands to drop his weapon and surrender.

Rowan was then Tased and taken into custody without further incident. No officers suffered any injuries.

Authorities took Rowan to a local hospital where he was medically cleared. Officers then booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon upon a peace officer.

Rowan remains in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $2,000.

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Undoubtedly the Tribune’s story will contain phrases such as “assault broom” and/or “full-auto shovel”.

Just glad it turned out well (as could be expected) for all involved and no one was hurt.


A deadly shovel? As opposed to those kid-friendly ones that come with brightly-colored beach buckets?

Who knew shovels were deadly. To think I have mine just leaning next to that vicious rake and violent broom.

Oh, and thank God he’s white, or we’d NEVER get to make fun of that photo. Right?


Someone please get this man find help. I’m confident that not all bums permanently want to waste away their lives.


But obviously some are. Let’s face, many ‘homeless’ are homeless by their choice. They aren’t all mentally ill or drug addicts. They are ‘urban outdoors-men,’ who prefer that lifestyle. And they can get away because of the free food handed out to then. There was a married couple quoted in New Times a few years ago, who said they had lived San Luis Creek for 12 years! You think they would be doing that if there wasn’t the Prado Center a few hundred feet away giving them food every day? You think they really had no other options, for 12 years, on living like that? They are just human cockroaches, living off of the productive members of society. They are an embarrassment to mankind. Of course they prefer to waste their lives away.


He really does not look like the sharpest tool in the shed.


Calvin James Rowan aka “The Shovel” street name…. :)

Jorge Estrada

He doesn’t appear to be a yes sir, I’ll jump to it, kind of guy. Maybe a 4.2 mile run would help and he would then be proof that pot doesn’t make you lazy..


I’ve never once heard of someone on pot attacking a police officer, have you?


It depends on how you define attacked. Do you mean the 12 year old introduced to pot who eventually graduates to heroin? There’s millions of those or how about the impaired bus drivers, doctors and teachers?




No, but I have heard of them attacking Oreo packages and stuff….


He looks drunk to me.

In general, people on weed, the dank, oils, etc are pretty mellow.

Heroin usually makes people pretty down and mellow too. Many go to sleep right after.

Maybe this guy got himself a bottle of Wild Turkey and decided to play “police pinata”. Lucky for him, GBPD handled it professionally, as did the CHP officer.


Maybe a 4.2 mile run would help and he would then be proof that pot doesn’t make you lazy..


What the? Wouldn’t you want this guy more lazy? Wasn’t he the opposite of lazy by being overly active and aggressive? Are you arguing against your own conclusion?

How much is this little encounter with the police and subsequent arrest, charge, arraignment, appointment of counsel, incarceration, trial, conviction, punishment etc. going to cost the taxpayer? If you have any clue, start at about $50,000.

Jorge Estrada

Yes I’m being a little tongue and cheek but the $50k sounds about right and that is a crime too. Almost reads like crime makes the world go around.


Go see Cal…go see Cal….go see Cal…..


Best mugshot contender!


WTF? Nice mug shot dude. Take Drugs much?

If only marijuana were legal and cheap, this freak could have been high and mellow instead of whatever he was on or if his problem was organic, the mj would have probably had a great relaxing and softening benefit to his medical condition.

Give him alcohol and he’d probably be dead right now.


How are you confident he would choose marijuana over the drain cleaner that he is probably ingesting?


What? Where did I say I was confident? Where did the article say he was probably on drain cleaner? What’s the point in making up bizarre false premises?

And you miss the point entirely. Why are Walmart and Costco packed every single day? Is it because people love to wander through a giant warehouse to pick out their 10 items and then stand in a 10 person check out line? Is it because people love to park a quarter mile away from the entrance to the store?

No, it’s because of price. Same reason Haggen is doing so badly–price. Marijuana is the easiest thing to grow on the planet. Plant it, water it and it grows. That simple. Easier than corn or wheat. Tougher plant than either. Corn sells for $35 a bushel. Do you know how much a bushel of corn weighs? 70lbs. 70lbs of corn sells for $35 wholesale. 1 ounce of marijuana sells for $260 retail. Why? Why do you think something that should be selling for $35 a pound sells for $260 an ounce? Think about it.

90% of people in this community can walk from their house to a liquor store and get high off alcohol for $5. It’s actually encouraged by society. Commercials showing people having a great time high on alcohol are all over TV and internet and print. The stereotype is everyone goes to a bar gets high on alcohol and has a great time, right? It’s undeniable, that’s the culture.

It’s also undeniable that marijuana is 1/10th as harmful as alcohol and has dozens of medical benefits over prescription drugs. So what drug should be cheap and what drug should be promoted by society? Think about it.


How about rather than being high at all on any substance, he were sober like those of us who do well in society are 99% of the time.


I miss the point entirely, but you take the arrest of a likely homeless drug addict and make it a soapbox for arguing why marijuana is the be all end all.

What does marijuana have to do with this homeless drug addict threatening police?


How about rather than being high at all on any substance, he were sober like those of us who do well in society are 99% of the time.


Because it’s not realistic. That’s like saying how about people just don’t commit crimes so we can get rid of the police and jails.

People are going to do drugs. Always have always will. By the 10s of millions. The no brainer is to funnel them to the most harmless and most disarming drugs. Marijuana is both and has a host of medical benefits too.

Alcohol dangerous and legal and very cheap. Marijuana, not so dangerous and illegal and very expensive. Go figure.


Comment suggesting the murder of millions, was deleted (not by abigchocoholic), any further comments of that nature will get your account deleted.


Do you use that same logic with your children? They are going to do drugs so I might as well funnel them to marijuana. Talk about low expectations.


Do you use that same logic with your children? They are going to do drugs so I might as well funnel them to marijuana.


No, that logic doesn’t apply to my kids. If my kids were going to do drugs, I’d funnel them to crack or Meth or maybe PCP. Because that’s where I’d want them. Funny, right?


“sober like those of us who do well in society are 99% of time.”

Sometimes you wonder if people just block reality out, or if they are just so naive that none of the people around them are ever truthful. With the statistics on amphetamine, alcohol, and marijuana use, it is extremely unlikely that the people around you who do well are sober 99% of the time, even though you perceive that to be the case.


Handsome fella. Looks like he needs another tase to wake him up.