Immigrant accused of killing Cal Poly grad appears in court

August 26, 2015
Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle

An illegal immigrant who shot and killed a 32-year-old Cal Poly graduate last month in San Francisco is appearing in court this week as a judge decides whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a murder trial. [SF Gate]

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who has been deported to Mexico five times, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Kathryn Steinle. Lopez-Sanchez told local television stations in a jailhouse interview that his gun accidentally fired the shot that killed Steinle.

On July 1, Steinle was walking with her father along Pier 14 in San Francisco when she was shot in the back. Lopez-Sanchez’s lawyer is also arguing the shooting was accidental.

Consecutive days of preliminary hearings are currently taking place in the case. San Francisco Judge Brendan Conroy heard witness testimony on Tuesday, and he could rule Wednesday whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a murder trial.

On Tuesday, a woman who witnessed the incident from a nearby hotel window testified. After the shooting occurred, the woman saw a large crowd of people running to help the victim.

She saw one man walking in the opposite direction, the woman testified. The woman snapped photos of the man.

Police later brought Lopez-Sanchez to the witness. She confirmed Lopez-Sacnhez was the man she photographed walking away from Steinle as everyone else in the area was walking toward the victim.

Lopez-Sanchez is a seven-time felon. After an arrest in March, he was permitted to stay in the country because San Francisco is a sanctuary city that does not turn over inmates to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Following the incident, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump called for stricter immigration laws. A national debate has since ignited over the concept of sanctuary cities and federal restrictions that bar local law enforcement from handing off illegal immigrants to ICE.

Just before Steinle was shot, she was taking a smiling selfie with her father. Jim Steinle since testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, where he urged lawmakers to abolish local policies of ignoring ICE detainer requests.

Also following the Steinle killing, an illegal immigrant allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered a Santa Maria woman, and another illegal immigrant allegedly beat a Paso Robles toddler so badly that she nearly died. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office released the suspect in the Paso Robles beating, even though ICE requested that he be held.


If Frisco does not want to turn illegal immigrants over to the authorities maybe they should have to put up big flashing signs that state that fact..

Give people a chance to figure out if they want to spend their hard earned cash in such a location, mostly after such a terrible crime.

My heart goes out to the father, to be right next to your daughter as she is shot to death is unimaginable.

7 time felon, Frisco you can are not a town I want to go visit. maybe if the tourism stopped you might think twice about turning these animals over to I.C.E.


California Prison life is a step up for this gutter dweller and he knows it.


Unfortunately until the daughter of a Senator, Congressman or President suffers this fate nothing will change.

Votes are more important than lives to these people.


UNLESS…. Your are the son of State Assemblyman Fabian Nunez, then it’s the polar opposite…SCHMOOZING and connections got his whelp off the murder hook, right? Gotta love Dem connections; they MEAN something…


This whole situation is just tragic. He should have never been here. Our system is broken and our borders are a joke. This country is in a shambles.

Jorge Estrada

Ok, let me get this straight: The gun that went off accidently in a town that outlaws carrying a loaded fire arm which was accidentally being carried by an alien that accidently broke immigration laws atleast seven times before and we are now accidently paying to defend this guy? I think he should accidentally go to an accident prone prison.


You forgot one thing: “in a town that encourages and gives quarter to illegal entrants of this country.”


Absolutely tragic.

This makes my heart ache for this family who have lost a beautiful child.


If ICE thought it was all that important to hold this guy, they could have easily secured a warrant. If ICE doesn’t know the exercise in dealing with sanctuary cities it must be the most poorly administered outfit in our exceptional system. Life is simple: get an effin’ warrant!


I’ll be darned……another Hispanic male.


Surprised??? Most illegal who commit major crimes are.

Kaiser Bill

Some, I assume, are good people.

Rich in MB

She is the price some are willing to pay for cheap veggies and labor.

It’s totally crazy, but why does the left value illegal immigrants over American citizens lives and saftey?


Rich, you forgot the VOTES, the democrats want the votes at all cost, for their power and control!


How can anyone disagree with Rich??????