Templeton woman killed in crash identified

August 15, 2015

CHP@The California Highway Patrol has identified Suzanne Tobey as the 80-year-old Templeton woman who was killed in a crash on Highway 101 in Paso Robles on Friday afternoon.

Shortly after 4 p.m., Tobey drove her white 2004 Ford Explore onto northbound Highway 101 from Monterey Street directly into the path of a tractor trailer. Jose Santos Zavala Calderon of Castroville was unable to slow down his truck and crashed into the Tobey’s Ford Explorer.

Calderon was not injured in the crash. Officials do not believe alcohol played a role in the fatal collision.


Sad for the family of the woman. But when are we going to recognize the elephant in the room? Notice the last line, “Officials do not believe alcohol played a role”

Well, what do they suspect? Since nearly 68% of all fatalities in a vehicle are NOT due to alcohol (Look it up http://www.nhtsa.gov/NCSA) Do accidents just happen without a cause? Or is driver incompetence the reason?

Would Better training and testing reduce accidents far more than sobriety checkpoints?


I guess that means Jose did not have alcohol on his breath….but still, I am sure they did a test (for charges if he was drinking). Plus, the legal limit for regular drivers is 0.08 but for truck drivers (and I believe large machinery like that) it is 0.04. Many countries have a 0.00 limit for taxi, ambulance, bus driver…just about any public service vehicle.


If she turned into his path of travel, then it is most likely she didn’t leave enough space. Most likely would have happened no matter who was coming down that highway.

It was a tragic mistake and I feel for the family. Maybe we can all learn to take a moment, be patient and wait till we are absolutely sure that it is safe. God Bless her and her family


You see what the problem is here? If poor Jose had even a tiny bit of alcohol he would have been persecuted and blamed for the wreck even if it could be proven that he had done nothing to create it. Why? The demonization of alcohol has blinded people to the real demon of incompetence. It makes us feel safer to think that testing for intoxicants saves lives when in reality it only distracts us and takes resources away from the real goal of less accidents. Mandatory drug testing is in the same vein. Do you really care if your bag boy at the grocery store had to pass a drug screening?