This vehicle is suspected of sparking Cuesta Fire

August 25, 2015

CNOMCsfVEAAv2TYCal Fire has released a photo of a truck that is suspected of causing the Cuesta Fire.

The photo, which was taken in an Arroyo Grande parking lot, shows a white pickup truck with an RV and a Volkswagen Beetle attached. A Cal Fire tweet accompanying the photo directs anyone who has information about the vehicle to contact the arson hotline.

Cal Fire did not release any more information about the vehicle or a potential arson suspect. After the Cuesta Fire broke out on August 16, fire officials said they believed a Ford truck dragging a chain started the five fires between Buelton and Shnadon.

The fire has burned at least 2,446 acres in and around Santa Margarita. As of Monday night, it was 85 percent contained.

More than 1,300 fire personnel are still battling the blaze. High temperatures, low relative humidity and shifting winds still pose a threat for increased fire activity, according to a Cal Fire report released Monday evening.

The report states poison oak has impacted 122 firefighters. One firefighter suffered minor injuries last week after falling in steep terrain.

The fire has burned one barn and threatened other structures.

The phone number for the arson hotline is (800) 468-4408.


I don’t think so. When such large resources are at stake, I think they will find a way to prove the guilt.


“A Cal Fire tweet accompanying the photo directs anyone who has information about the vehicle to contact the arson hotline.”

How about running the plates? I’m sure the DMV could provide information about the vehicle. Or am I missing something? Perhaps they meant to tweet, “Did anyone see THIS thing throwing sparks on 101 Northbound?”

Oh well.

Jorge Estrada

Military satellite real time photo log, infrared and daylight?


Apparently the Calif. vehicle code does not prohibit this kind of multi-vehicle land-barge from clogging our roadways. Imagine enjoying the view ahead as this triple-headed beast waddles up a grade ahead of you. Perhaps drivers of such combos should be required to parallel park, and prove that they know how to properly secure a safety-chain.


If the driver has a class A license towing something behind a fifth wheel is totally legal. Now in regards to what started those fires, proving this vehicle will be close to impossible.


proving this vehicle did it will be close to impossible.


I would imagine any RV salesman could identify the make model and year of this RV., and a truck salesperson the make model and year. The VW looks like a 1970s chopped-up specimen. Possibly someone who went camping in the dunes since they were spotted in Arroyo Grande, perhaps heading north to Highway 46 and back to the valley? This can’t be that hard to ID. Has anyone checked with the campground? Just a thought.


According to the morning news, the police are working closely with the Dunes Park Rangers. I suggested the same as you did last week, and was pretty much slammed for my thoughts.

The Daily

Naw, fifth wheel makes it all legal


But legal doesn’t mean safe or smart.


I’m pretty sure towing two vehicles like that is illegal