Santa Barbara motorcyclist evades police for 70 miles

August 24, 2015

CHP@A motorcyclist reportedly reached speeds of up to 130 mph as he led law enforcement on a 70-mile chase across much of Santa Barbara County on Sunday.

At around 1:45 p.m., a Guadalupe police offer observed Kaichi Sato, a 28-year-old Santa Barbara resident, driving his motorcycle recklessly on Highway 1 west of Orcutt. The officer then attempted a traffic stop.

Sato refused to pull over, prompting sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol officers to pursue him through the streets of Orcutt. Sato then entered southbound Highway 101 at Clark Road.

As he drove on the freeway, Sato sometimes split lanes and passed vehicles on the right shoulder. A county helicopter tracked him as he sped south on Highway 101.

Sato exited the highway at Turnpike Road, east of Goleta, and headed east on Hollister Avenue and Modoc Road through Santa Barbara’s west side.

The motorcyclist then drove up Miramonte Drive, over TV Hill and to the Mesa before reversing course and heading northbound on Carrillo Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

After speeding around city streets, Sato abandoned his motorcycle on Highway 101 near the northbound Laguna Street exit. He then started to flee by foot.

But, CHP officers stopped him at gunpoint moments later. The officers arrested him in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 500 block of East Montecito Street.

Sato was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on a number of traffic-related charges.


I get that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly and I hate when those jerks do that…but it seems even MORE dangerous that the cops were chasing him at speeds of 130MPH.

How much manpower was put into a 70 mile chase?

He wasn’t a gang member or a drug runner, so was it worth it?


Maybe he was practicing? lol

Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Racing 

1/17/15 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

Amateur Formula Middleweight

1st Adam Ayers 954-548-9299, FL KAW 

2nd Marcus McMillan Oxnard, CA 

3rd CHRIS LACEY La Jolla, CA 

4th Alexander Villarreal Pharr, TX YAM 

5th Ryan Houck Los Angeles, CA YAM 

6th MARK LONGO Goleta, CA YAM 

7th JESSE NORTON San Diego, CA YAM 

8th Timothy Kadowaki Los Angeles, CA HON 

9th Marc Mittelsteadt Peoria, AZ YAM 

10th KAICHI SATO Santa Barbara, CA YAM 

11th SEAN FOYIL Newport Beach, CA KAW


new standings:

1st Cops

2nd Kaichi Sato


Sato was caughto; Book’em Dano

Jorge Estrada

Lucky to be alive, what was he trying to hide, dirty underwear?


Pretty hard to outrun a helicopter, either on a bike or on foot.

What an idiot.


Throw in Motorola with the helicopter and you can see why the guy never had a chance.