Another shark spotted in Morro Bay

September 3, 2015

White_sharkFour days after a shark bit off a chunk of a woman’s surfboard, surfers again rushed out of the water after several people noticed a shark swimming in the ocean off Morro Bay. [KSBY]

Last week, a shark bit off an approximately 14-inch wide chunk of the surfboard a Los Osos woman was riding on Saturday. Elinor Dempsey, 54, escaped the attack uninjured.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, about 50 surfers paddled to shore near Morro Rock after spotting a shark’s fin between them. The shark was just 60 feet from shore and about 30 to 50 feet away from the surfers.

The Morro Bay Harbor Patrol received several reports of the shark. Harbor Patrol officials say the shark spotted Wednesday was possibly a 10 to 15-foot great white.

Officials notified people in the water and put up warning signs. But, they did not close down the beach.

Ralph Collier, of the Shark Research Committee, said he thinks one or two great white sharks may have taken up residency in Morro Bay. Collier said a shark is demonstrating territorial behavior by biting a surfboard, and it may consider the board a threat.

Collier measured the space between the teeth marks on Dempsey’s surfboard. He estimates the shark that bit her board was 11 to 12-feet long.

Collier also said warming El Nino waters are causing more sea creatures to come closer to the shore, and something unusual is going on in Morro Bay.

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The residents of Morro Bay have much more to fear from the land sharks they have elected than the ones who live in nearby waters.

Sound the general alarm! Sound the general alarm! There are sharks swimming in the waters off Morro Bay.

Why is this news? That’s where sharks live. They live in the ocean and that’s were you will find them. Now a headline like, “Shark Found In The Salinas River” is a story I’ll read!

I think it is news because it is a safety issue for the thousands of people who recreate in the ocean either through surfing, stand up paddleboard, kayak, boogie boarding or swimming.

We know sharks live and hunt in the ocean, however, they are currently being sighted very close to shore. Encounters with humans are still pretty rare, and thus newsworthy.

Guess what everybody sharks have always been in the water off Morro Bay, that is where they live. What does it matter if it is a great white or not?

Scared of bears, don’t go to where they live.

Stay home in your pretty little houses and feel all safe and secure. The problem with that is you live among man and they will kill you for no reason at all, or maybe for the joy if it.

The message from sharks to surfers is clear: stick to skateboarding.

“…something unusual is happening in Morro Bay.” If ever there was an understatement, that’s it.