KCOY anchor arrested for DUI, assault

September 7, 2015
Paula Lopez

Paula Lopez

Veteran KCOY news anchor Paula Lopez was arrested Sunday evening for driving under the influence and assaulting an officer after she allegedly drove the wrong way on U.S. Highway 101.

At about 8 p.m., the California Highway Patrol received reports that a silver Toyota Prius was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of Highway 101 near El Capitan Road. Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies then discovered the Prius parked at a golf course in Goleta.

Lopez, 50, then allegedly assaulted a sheriff’s deputy and a CHP officer while she resisted arrest.

Officers arrested Lopez for DUI and battery on a officer and booked her into the Santa Barbara County Jail. She was released Monday afternoon on her own recognizance.

In July 2013, Lopez was arrested near her Santa Barbara home on suspicion of public intoxication. Lopez is married to former Judge Frank Ochoa, who stepped down from the bench in January.


Well if people show up when she appears in court, it may have the desired effect.


I have seen a lot of comments by people on recent stories of police violence where they break it down to a simple “don’t resist arrest, don’t assault an officer, and you won’t get shot.”

But you’re missing something. If she had been black, especially a black male, there is a good chance that by assaulting the officer she would have been beaten to a bloody pulp or killed. Would she have been wrong because she assaulted the officer? OF COURSE, but the difference in the end result is what people are complaining about.

It wouldn’t piss you off, for example, if Christians were more likely to get the crap beat out of them for resisting than atheists? You better believe it would.. and we’d be hearing about it NON STOP.


I do believe a male of any color would be able to pack more of a whalop than a tipsy Paula.

I doubt the officers were ever in much fear for their personal safety, the same may not hold true if she’d been a combative male.

Jorge Estrada

The judge would do them both a favor by divorcing this woman of another name. There are no if’s and’s or but’s worth the enable factor. He can have his pick of a zillion of other ginger bread woman.


You assume a lot.


Well folks, here’s the thing. It seems many of you don’t see eye to eye on this issue with the people of color who are raising a fuss. All I can tell you is this…. there are moments in life when you may not agree with someone but you need to listen and come to some kind of agreement, including concessions on your part, in order to continue on without serious conflict. I suggest you consider this one of those cases, because if you don’t, you’re going to be very unhappy with the outcome.

10/10/15 is quickly approaching. If you don’t know what’s in the works, it may be a good time to find out.


So what was supposed to happen on 10/10/15?


Get a Big Book, get a sponsor, and do 90 in 90. And don’t drink between meetings. That can be your last DUI if you really want it.


A Prius? Why am I not surprised…..


Do you remember when she went missing in 2013? This woman has been suffering for a long time with alcoholism. It is a terrible thing….I can tell you that first hand. And you are pathetically making fun of the car she drives???? What are you—about 10 years old?