Parkinson wants a sheriff’s substation in Nipomo

September 23, 2015
Ian Parkinson

Ian Parkinson

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson is calling for the county to open a sheriff’s substation in Nipomo. [KCOY]

On Tuesday night, Parkinson hosted a town hall meeting in Nipomo, where residents raised numerous concerns about crime and public safety. Concerns included homeless issues, residential burglaries, illegal drugs, gangs and the possible opening of a medical marijuana dispensary at the southern edge of the community.

Parkinson said a Nipomo substation is a priority, but staffing it depends largely on the county budget. He said he is going to try to do everything he can to get something located in Nipomo.

The sheriff’s office currently has three patrol stations in the county. They are located in Los Osos, Oceano and Templeton. Deputies stationed in Oceano are responsible for patrolling all of South County.

Parkinson said sheriff’s deputies patrolling Nipomo are meeting or exceeding response times on emergency calls. Target response times are 10 to 12 minutes on emergency calls, he said.

Response times would likely improve if a substation was located in in Nipomo, Parkinson said.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow and County Supervisor Lynn Compton co-hosted the town hall with Parkinson.

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As much crime as there is in nipomo, money would be better spent on body cameras or a civilian oversight committee to ensure the officers already hired are doing the job and enforcing the laws they are paid to. Rather than branch out an already corrupt agency that costs taxpayers much more than they realize. my two cents anyway

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Nipomo needs a substation. With all the Santa Maria population moving up to Nipomo, including Sureno gang members, cartel drug smugglers, druggies, and early release parolees, we need to bolster SLO County’s southern most border town. If we stop crime there, it will keep AG, SLO, Atascadero, and Paso Robles safer.

Paso Robles has been doing well lately holding off the Nortenos gang members from Monterey County; but we don’t need more Surenos in town to start a gang war up here.

Just move the Oceano Station to a more neutral location between the two, sell the damn boat, and bust, you have your substation. Just call the U.S. Coast Guard for their assistance the 6 times a year you need them to haul a drug haul. Stop being a baby about the boast you lost before your election and do the right thing for the taxpayers Mr. Mucho!

He will get what he wants, and raises for all his guys. Wait and see….

A new substation in Nipomo is certain to provide better results than Parkinson’s $$$ panga boat chaser.

The county plan for Nipomo is to expand over the next ten years by 10,000 new residents. The Trilogy development was supposed to include a Sheriff’s station. That was planned in 2006. Trilogy should follow through with what they “promised”.

Let them incorporate. Everyone that has been here for 20 years or more knows this has always been the hub of illegal activity. They wanted to more into the area with their million dollar homes, lake, golf course, etc. I say incorporate and pay for the services you want and need.

I want a new building for our plant and ten more workers. Dang, we cant afford it. I will just create a scare and fear-mongering story for our customers, that unless we raise their prices 20% we wont deliver their product. oh shoot, sorry, talking about something else.

Good call by Sheriff Parkinson. The makings of a perfect storm to become like Paso is there: remote location, the Santa Maria influence is not far away similar to Paso and King City, the dispensary will magnify the crime already there.

Preventionn of increased crime, is cheaper than intervention.

I agree with the residents, there should be a substation in Nipomo. The area is now well populated and there is a need for improved Sheriff’s facilities, for their safety too. This improvement will speak louder than words.