San Gabriel Elementary School remains closed

September 13, 2015

school1San Gabriel Elementary School in Atascadero remains closed indefinitely as investigators continue to look into threatening letters and a suspicious object left on the school grounds between the end of the school day on Thursday and Friday morning. Classes for students assigned to San Gabriel will be held at several other district locations.

“Law enforcement has requested additional time to complete their investigation; therefore, out of an over-abundance of precaution, school for San Gabriel Elementary School students and staff will be held at other school sites until law enforcement completes their investigation,” the school’s website says.

For an indefinite time beginning Monday, preschool and kindergarten will be held at Santa Rosa Academic Academy, first grade through third grade will be held at Santa Margarita Elementary School and fourth grade through sixth grade will be held at San Benito Elementary School. Parents will be contacted through email and the automated phone system about transportation.

San Gabriel Elementary School teachers arrived to school on Friday morning to find someone had entered their classrooms and left threatening letters on their desks and a suspicious object on the playground. School officials evacuated the campus as law enforcement personnel arrived on campus.

The San Luis Obispo County bomb squad then removed the suspicious object from the playground. Details about the object are not being released at this time.

Police said the incident appeared to be isolated to the San Gabriel School campus and no ongoing threat has been identified. Officers are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact the Atascadero Police Department at (805) 461-5051.

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Makes one wonder what did the notes say and what was in the package. I’ve seen schools after potential shooting suspects arrested open sooner.

Interested to see if they come forward with more information in coming days as it sounds like more to it than your usual bomb threat etc. or they would have been back in class. Just my humble opinion.

I see that it’s being reported now that the box contained a dangerous chemical component. Hope they catch the sick bastard.

This seems all too strange….WHO has access to the classrooms, other than the teachers? and if so…why? Once again, the innocent kids suffer.

Sounds like you are blaming the teachers???

Chill pill….