Good Samaritans come to officer’s aid in Lompoc

September 13, 2015

Santa Barbara SheriffThe Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department is crediting two men for coming to the aid of a deputy who was being attacked by a drunken suspect last week.

On Monday, the deputy responded to a request to remove a “belligerent and intoxicated” man from an Amtrak train stop near Lompoc. The train conductor had kicked the suspect off the train because he allegedly posed a danger to himself and others.

Christopher Taylor, 30, of Seattle refused to comply to the deputy’s requests. Taylor then turned violent punching the deputy in the face and kicking him.

Two Lompoc men — 35 and 65 years old — witnessed the assault and assisted the deputy subdue Taylor. While the 65-year-old witness helped the deputy place Taylor in his patrol car, Taylor kicked the elderly man.

Deputies arrested Taylor on charges of felony resisting a peace officer through violence, battery and battery on a peace officer resulting in injury. The deputy was then treated for his injuries at a local hospital.


What ever happened to the good ole days? In the good ole days, this belligerent passenger would have first stopped at the local hospital with some broken bones and a hamburger face.

That’s how people are kept in line. With a lesson in real life consequences for belligerent behavior well learned.


Alcohol…yet another violent act as the result of it’s consumption….will we ever learn?


65 is not elderly.


Well….check that with AARP, they may disagree.


community will always support LE if we trust and respect them


Smooth move. Send a single officer to a situation that could have resulted in the injury of many innocent passengers. When everyday people have to intervene—there is something wrong with policy.


The train station is so far from town, backup would have arrived too late.

Glad these gentlemen were prepared to step up and assist.


Local heroes, good to read about that.