Baby otter rescued in Morro Bay

October 27, 2015

12193643_442221219312044_1683542583161626425_nKayakers and Morro Bay Harbor Patrol officers teamed up to rescue an abandoned baby otter.

The newborn female otter was recently found washed up on the sand spit and alone, according to the city of Morro Bay. Several residents of Morro Bay spotted the otter while they were on a kayak ride.

The kayakers took the otter into their care and called the harbor department.

Harbor patrol officers took the otter from the kayakers and transported it to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The baby otter is currently in the aquarium’s intensive care unit, but it is doing well and is expected to be released in Monterey County.12190801_442221095978723_1672372376221014880_n

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The sea otter rescue folks up at Monterey Bay Aquarium have rescued almost 700 sea otters over the years. This baby will be bottle fed until it is ready to eat solid food. At that time the baby will be placed in a tank with a female otter that will be a surrogate mother to it. Otters have almost no instinct about their life and need to be taught by the mother. They surrogates do a spectacular job of teaching the baby otter how to groom itself, how to dive, how to get food during a dive, and how to actually eat the food they find.

If this otter is to be returned to the wild, odds are that it will be released up in Elkhorn Slough, near Moss Landing. The are many rafts of otters in the slough, enjoying life with only diving six feet or so, depending on location, to get food, in abundant supply.

So now it can scarf down a lifetime of abalone? :(

It can’t exactly go through the swim through at in n out and order a double double with cheese now can it?

OMG best pictures EVER. A blanket picture and a smiling picture with baby otter teeth. Like these should be on a postcard. So supercute!!! <——-LOOK that is Centralcoastrn's idea.

PS– the irony is not lost to me that a kayaker and not the PANGA boat saved the baby otter LOLOLOL!!!!

Does the Sheriff boat catcher rescuing Anything????


oh how wonderful! , wonderful news, thank you everyone who helped. hugs