Butt dial gets Grover Beach company sued

October 28, 2015


Have you ever butt dialed someone and then worried about what they may have overheard? A San Luis Obispo County woman is suing a Grover Beach company for allegedly firing her after her supervisor inadvertently left a sexually explicit message on her cell phone, according to a lawsuit filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Oct. 21.

For three months in 2013, Jessica Highhouse worked at Central Coast Fence as a welder. During that time, Highhouse’s supervisor repeatedly asked her out while bombarding her with sexual comments, according to the lawsuit.

“Specifically, the supervisor constantly made sexual comments to the plaintiff, and detailed his sex life with other women,” the lawsuit says. “The manager would also ask plaintiff out profusely, to which plaintiff always rejected.”

On one occasion, the unnamed supervisor inadvertently called and left a message on Highhouse’s cell phone. In the message, the supervisor is bragging to several of his friends that he has sex with her three times a week and that Highhouse needs to be “bitch slapped” around, according to the lawsuit.

Highhouse then alerted the company owner about the phone message and the ongoing sexual harassment, the lawsuit says. The next day, Highhouse was fired from her job, she said.

California laws prohibit sexual harassment and workplace discrimination based on gender.

Complaints listed in the lawsuit include, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

According to the lawsuit, Highhouse suffered financial losses, loss of employment opportunities in her field and damage to her professional reputation as a result of her alleged mistreatment by Central Coast Fence. She also reports to have suffered emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish, embarrassment and loss of confidence and self-esteem, as well as physical symptoms, including headaches and loss of sleep.

Highhouse is suing for general damages, special damages and punitive damages, as well as attorney fees and interest.

Woodland Hills attorneys Joseph Lovretovich and Aaron Brock filed the suit on behalf of Highhouse. An additional 50 defendants who are not named could be added to the lawsuit.

Central Coast Fence President Chris Lundberg did not respond to requests for comment.

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I hope she owns this company after its all said and done. CCF is by far one of the most piss poor companies in SLO Co. Shoddy work, never returning calls, terrible work ethic’s, and with a jackwad like this gals supervisor behind the controls, It’s understand why. Big man picking on a woman and talkin smack about his fantasy escapades with her. Maybe a few weekends in the slammer with a nice horney celly will fix you up.


If this company builds fences comparable to the brains of the owner, then they will never build a fence for me. Probably would fall over before their truck leaves the driveway.


So, I need a welder, actually…


It’s one thing to be harassed by a beligerent idiot but to then be fired by a beligerent idiot boss is sickening. I hope she nails them to the…fence.


Either the company is the biggest morons ever or their is something missing. Not doubting her and I know sexual harassment goes on and needs to be dealt with but it is the linear time line. She tells them about the harassment one day and they fire the next? I’ve seen companies covertly wait weeks or months so no connection but the next day? They would have to be morons and fools not to know that, that would stand out and in today’s world??

Just seems strange. Again if guilty give her the keys to the place.


Butt dial my ass! I hope she wins!


You were a big man yesterday, but boy you oughta see you now

Well you talked big yesterday, but boy you oughta see you now

I hope she sues you into the stone age.