Manhunt on for California deputy

October 29, 2015
Edward Tucker

Edward Tucker

Kern County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a suspect on the run who also happens to be a Kern County sheriff’s deputy. The fleeing deputy escaped custody Tuesday night after his second arrest in the past week. [LA Times]

On Saturday, Edward Tucker, 44, allegedly walked up to a group of girls, spoke to them briefly and then flashed a handgun at them. Deputies located Tucker and found five handguns, two shotguns and an assault rifle in his vehicle.

The deputies also found a small amount of what appeared to be methamphetamine and determined that Tucker was under the influence of a controlled substance. Tucker was arrested and released.

On Tuesday, deputies found Tucker in a Bakersfield park after a person asked for a welfare check on him. Tucker had drugs, firearms and possible bomb-making materials in his possession.

Deputies handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a cruiser, but he managed to free himself. Tucker escaped around 9:45 p.m. and fled by foot from an underground parking garage at a jail receiving facility.

“Somehow, Tucker was able to escape from the rear seat,” sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt said. “There’s some indication he may have been able to slip his handcuffs.”

Tucker had been a deputy for more than 18 years, but he had been on approved leave from the sheriff’s office since October 2014. Authorities say he has exhibited bizarre behavior recently .

Tucker is described as white, 5 feet 7 inches tall and about 170 pounds. He has brown eyes and closely cropped black hair. He was last seen wearing black shorts, a black buttoned-up shirt and sandals.

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THIS is how you lose an inmate twice.. You LET HIM ESCAPE

Drugs have probably destroyed his brain.

Drugs, alcohol and guns don’t mix.

Kern County has a long and sad history of wrong doings including several members on the Bench and Elected Sheriff’s. Corruption and misconduct have been very common. One Deputy DA was murdered on duty by a Kern County on duty Sheriff’s Deputy for molesting the deputies little boy. Stephen Tauzer was shot dead by the Deputy.

Then you have old Sheriff Larry Kleier using his position to get his son to bid on the sheriffs seized gun auction until they both got caught. Then we have the X-Honorable Judge Alan Klein who decided to use his Kern County court bench for some private nude dancing from a defendant in order for her to get the charges dropped. She dropped her cloths and later Judge Klein dropped his ? To hide it all he got turned in by ? and was removed from the bench and now practices law in Tehachapi,CA the stripper got her charges dropped due to the illegal acts by the judge and the Kern County Deputies who paid her for Sex.

It gets even better, Bi-sexual DA Eddy “Boy” Jagles was the subject and target of investigations for falsifying indicted and arrested the famed ” Lords of Bakersfield” over 60 cases were finally overturned due to prosecution corruption and misconduct. To date over 30 Million has been paid out and more is on the way, over 44 people were wrongfully convicted and later released, then the Explosive book by Pulitzer Winner Edward Humes ” MEAN JUSTICE” A Towns Terror, A Prosecutor’s Power, A Betrayal of Innocence. A revealing book on the utter corruption of Kern County Sheriff’s Office, Bakersfield PD and the MSNBC series narrated by Sean Penn exposing not only the corruption but showing “Evil men know NO Justice”

A check of the Judges Disciplined have Kern County as having some of the highest Judaical problems , I know I was an officer investigating them, even now our local retired Judge Chuck Porter who started the SLO Law School, was the target of the massive child molesting investigations inclusion of several deputy DA’s of which several now, are members of our own SLO DDA’s Office.

The final sad act is my own uncle James E. Poole was a lover of two of the Judges and the X-DA Jagels for years until he

too was arrested and fled to Canada. Not before he was the foreman on the KC Grand Jury who would tip off the judges and DA’s if anything came up over the child hood murders and suicides and murders of many local socialites. Kern County has the highest number of innocent people who were wrongfully convicted and DA Jagels was personally responsible for 25 all later exonerated and cleared as factual innocent the County has paid out millions in settlements.

Read the Bakersfield Californian series ” Lords Of Bakersfield” a series uncovering corrupt Deputies, prosecutors and even many judges who are now gone. The read Ed Humes Book Mean Justice all about Kern County and its corruption and molesting of children by its own LEO’s and Judges/Prosecutors.

Realizing we now have several DDA’s from Kern County makes you wonder why they came here ? Kern County has the higehst number of ” Inmate Suicides” all while X CHP officer Jim Malouf was coroner and then his own brother some how shot himself more than once ? In 2013 in a B-Cal story Kern COunty has the highest number of deputies involved in corruption not including the one wanted above on this story. Kern COunty also has the most unsolved cold cases that are 88% connected to SLO County. “TJ West” being one back in 2004, more bodies are found along the SLO-Kern County border than any other county in the State. Odd to think we have so many X Kern County corrupt judges, prosecutors and deputies in SLO ?

I agree. They ran over 2 people going 75 in the dark a few years ago. Shot a mother of 4 with postpartum depression about 15 years ago. Shot a 16 year old at a park about a month ago, a young girl. So much wrong there…..

How the hell do you lose an inmate twice??? WTF?

It’s surprising that he evaded his captors. Judging from his photograph it looks like he would lack the cunning to be a master criminal!

Where is a good deputy photo when you need one?

I’ve known some nice people from Kern County, but Kern County….