Los Osos retail space tied up in bankruptcy

October 22, 2015

los-osos-By John Lindt, publisher of Sierra2theSea

Los Osos shopping center manager Clayton Gambril said the Haggen space on Los Osos Valley Road is tied up in the bankruptcy proceedings now that the Washington-based chain has filed Chapter 11. The loss of the tenant has created at least a temporary obstacle for plans to upgrade and add new tenants the shopping center.

“We can’t do much, our hands are tied,” Gambril said.

For the community, the loss of the grocer leaves the town with just one large grocery store – Ralphs.

“While we wait, we have several interested parties,” Gambril said. “We are hopeful it won’t be long.”

Gambril estimates the new Starbucks slated to fill the former Bank of America space will be open by the end of the year.

One tenant said to be looking at the Haggen building, is Miner’s hardware. But that would leave the center without a major anchor.

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Wouldn’t it be GREAT to get John Spencer into that Space!!!!

I could be wrong, but I thought he was there before it was Vons.

Before Vons it probably would have been a William Bros.

It was Williams Bros.; I still have my membership card. The shopping center was all owned and built by (Merle) Williams Bros. in the 1970’s. Prior to the center being built, a tiny Williams Bros. market was in the space just west of Carlock’s Bakery (where Volumes of Pleasure and the pet store are) in that small strip mall (also owned by Williams Bros aka Tri-W Enterprise), back then it also housed the Los Osos/Baywood Park post office. Los Osos/Baywood Park was considered 93401 then.

As a consumer could see Spencer’s as a good fit. As a retailer, I wouldn’t know. I do know I have always enjoyed my Spencer’ shopping experiences.

Given that within the past few years John Spencer shuttered 3 of his 5 stores (in Atascadero, SLO, & AG), I’d think it unlikely he’d want to go head to head with Ralphs in Los Osos. Not saying I wouldn’t like the idea, as I’ve shopped Spencer’s many times in Morro Bay and also in SLO when it was there. But IMO another grocery outlet in the Von’s/Haggen space would be good.

Bonus comment (at no charge): The geniuses at Haggen who fouled everything up should be taken out to the woodshed and given a good spanking. And maybe a few of the government folks who, in their unlimited wisdom, thought this would have a happy ending. Good grief.

Slonative John was forced to close the AG store because of the city and the Courtland Grand project. Spencers did very well here and we miss the store.

The city continues to give Nick Tompkins whatever he wants and now that is hurting the city itself with revenue.

OK, dog. I still wonder how strong John Spencer’s urge is or would be to give Los Osos a shot. Would be nice if he did, though.