Morro Bay shooting suspect and officers identified

October 31, 2015
Officer Dale Cullum

Officer Dale Cullum

Two Morro Bay police officers are on paid administrative leave and a burglary suspect is in the hospital after an officer shot him in the leg Friday morning, police said.

Shortly after midnight, officers Dale Cullum and Maria Lomeli questioned Alec Bryan Stephenson, 20, about suspicious activity around vehicles near the Harbor Department and Coast Guard facilities. Several weeks earlier, Cullum had arrested Stephenson for car theft.

At 6:43 a.m., officers responded to a citizen who reported seeing a person break into a shop on Quintana Road. The citizen followed the suspect out to Morro Rock and pointed officers Cullum and Lomeli in that direction.

During the officers response, Stephenson allegedly hit Cullum in the head with a blunt object. Stephenson continued to move towards Cullum.

Cullum then shot Stephenson in the leg.

First responders transported Stephenson to Sierra Vista Medical Center where he was treated for his gunshot wound and released. Officers then booked Stephenson into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of  burglary and assaulting an officer. His bail is set at $50,000.

Cullum was treated for head wounds at a local hospital and released. While several outside agencies investigate the shooting, officers Cullum and Lomeli will remain on paid administrative leave.

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Heroin or meth?

So it sounds like this kid was headed for more and more trouble. HOPEFULLY after getting shot, he thinks about if this is worth it and where it might lead and whether he wants to lead a useful or useless life.

What is a real sad reality in today’s entitlement generation, is that this kid will not learn a dam thing from this! My guess is that he will find a lawyer; or an ambulance chaser will or has already found him, and he will litigate. The Officer who did everything right will become the bad guy. The Officers and the City will be drug through the mud. A City Official trying to be politically correct will side with the dirtbag burgler/thief/cop batterer. The Officer will be tossed under the bus. The good Officer will retire early on stress. The community loses a good cop, and scumbag1 gets a 60% settlement, scumbag2 (lawyer) gets the remaining 40% + costs. Scumbag1 goes on to commit more crimes and ends up in jail again or in a ditch. Scumbag2 (liewyer) waits for the next good cop to do his job and protect himself and the public. Who wins? What a wonderful world!

Thank you Officer Cullem for your bravery!

“What is a real sad reality in today’s entitlement generation, is that this kid will not learn a dam thing from this!”

I thought the suspect was 20, and not a Baby Boomer…the real entitlement generation.