San Luis Harbor District hires former Morro Bay manager

October 29, 2015

Andrea LuekerThe Port San Luis harbor commission voted unanimously Tuesday to appoint former Morro Bay city manager Andrea Lueker as the harbor district’s interim general manager. Lueker said she is seeking to become the harbor district’s permanent executive. [New Times]

Lueker rose the ranks in Morro Bay from lifeguard to city manager. She served as city manager from 2007 to Jan. 2014.

In 2013, Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons called for the firing of both Lueker and then city attorney Rob Schultz. The council majority then voted to place Lueker and Schultz on administrative leave, and the city reached severance agreements with both of them.

Neither Irons, nor members of the council, ever stated a reason for cutting ties with Lueker and Schultz.

Since Lueker’s departure from the city of Morro Bay, she has headed a nonprofit called the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund. The nonprofit works with a sector of the Morro Bay fishing industry.

The harbor manager position became available after the commission voted on Aug. 27 to not renew the contract of general manager Steve McGrath. The board voted 3-2, with three fisherman board members opposing the renewal of McGrath’s contract.

McGrath spent 10 years with the Port San Luis Harbor District. The board majority did not disclose the reason for their dissatisfaction with him.

However, several months ago, McGrath entered into negotiations for a harbor manager job at the San Mateo County Harbor District.

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Bravo, well done Ms. Lueker. Port San Luis – boy you got a good one!

Congrats to Andrea and Port San Luis. Andrea is experienced in govt admin and extremely knowledgable in Harbor and fishing. Their gain our loss we sure miss you in Morro Bay

Great news for the San Luis Harbor District! Since the current Morro Bay City Council let her go, they’ve had to hire two people to do the job she was doing. The difference is, she was competent and they aren’t. She will do a great job and her positive attitude will be appreciated by all people who have any contact with her.

I am changing my tune about compensation for government management employees.

I have previously held that they are overpaid for their responsibilites.

But I am rethinking that, due to the fact that they are terminable at the whim of their electeds and hence at the mercy of the political gamesmanship that permeates our govt.

That’s gotta suck to “do a good job” for your bosses, then your bosses get turfed out, and you get turfed out as political collateral damage.

You’re exactly right, Racket. You can lose your job just “because”. It also makes it harder to find a new job when there is no reason given; a cloud hangs over your head with the question “Why was this person dismissed?” I would hate to think this of anybody, but it was as if those three on the council gave no reason in an attempt to torpedo Andrea’s future job possibilities.

Well done Andrea! Iron’s was a fool getting rid of you, as Port San Luis is lucky to have you.

You go girl!

That is Great news for Andrea and the District