Sex ed to be mandatory in California high schools

October 2, 2015
Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown

California Gov.Jerry Brown signed a pair of bills Thursday that will require high school students in the state to take sex education courses and to learn that “yes means yes.” [Sac Bee]

Most California school districts currently offer sexual education courses, but participation is voluntary. That will change under Assembly Bill 329.

AB 329 will compel school districts to offer sex ed classes, and participation will be mandatory unless parents explicitly have their children exempted. The law will also require updated instruction relating to HIV, and educators will have to discuss a range of gender identities.

Brown also signed Senate Bill 695, which affects school districts that require students to take health classes. Under SB 695, health classes must include material about sexual harassment and violence, including the “yes means yes” standard of consent.

Last year, Brown signed a bill into law that created new rules for college students in California who engage in sexual activity. The law defined sexual consent as “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

The law states lack of resistance or silence does not equate consent, and student cannot achieve consent when at least one is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. The restrictions apply to all universities in California, public or private, that receive state-funded financial aid.

The “yes means yes” standard has since been adopted in several other states.

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And teach them some MANNERS while you’re at it!

Who’s manners? the states or common sense?

Manners don’t come from teachers or school, they come from the home environment.

The more the government gets involved in regulating social behavior, the more unstable our society becomes. Once this law in enacted the government will need to form the sex education oversight committee. Brown will appoint several friends he owes favors to and they will start directing sex education policy for Californians. They will be highly compensated democrats who have their own vision of the type of behavior our children should exhibit. Parents will have to take a back seat to these “smarter than you and I” people as they tell our children what morals and values are correct. One more step towards the demise of the once great United States.

I wonder if the class format will be the same in San Francisco as the rest of the state?

This just makes parochial school all the more attractive.

Good point Paso. Cathalic schools have a great history with sex education. Usually the priest has a one on one tutorial, and is real hands on.

Better to have you children in the, what was it L.A. school district, taught by teachers who like to feed his students his “special” cookies.

Many children graduate now without the ability to read, write or comprehend basic English.

Some have math skills ranging between zero and close to zero.

Now they have to learn that yes means yes too?

This is so stupid and useless. I mean, it’s not even pandering as there are so few people with mental illness regarding “gender identity” – why not mandate a class on mental illnesses and how if not only neglected but encouraged, the outcome is often suicide? No? Oh well, let’s all just pretend we’re going to have sunshine, lollipops and ponies everywhere.

How stupid can California get? I should not ask that…

How stupid rOy? well you’ve provided the answer to your own question.

God help us!

Ha, ha, ha. Prude Americans. You love your violence but you can’t handle nudity or sex. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Actually most American parents can “handle nudity or sex” just fine. But we don’t want the government to raise our kids; it’s OUR jobs to instruct and educate our own children about family planning, reproduction, etc.

I’ll be signing the waiver to have my kids exempted. I don’t want my kids being instructed that girls should be able to use boys’ restrooms (and vice versa) or that oral sex or full- on intercourse is OK as long as “yes means yes” is the so-called standard of consent.

The Government helps raise your kids in any case. That’s why you send them to school. Unless you’re a doctor you have no business trying to instruct reproductive theory and anatomy. It’s also none of your business trying to force some preconceived family planning agenda on anyone, Then you get all in a tizzy about which restrooms should be used by whom. I suggest a good pair of pliers to help unjamb that lengthy stick so firmly embedded you know,you know where. Your eyes might even clear up.

As I run the foot track, jump the hurdles and throw the javelin, it just occured to me that who need a class on take your pick. The class should be on where you pick.

Ah yes, government mandated sex ed. I knew gender identities would be at the forefront (an issue affecting an estimated 0.03% of the population). Maybe they can get Kaitlyn Jenner to visit all of the highschools and speak about her wonderful triumphs.

How long before high schols have to have designated unisex bathroom facilities? Fools in government

continue to fiddle with nonsense while Rome (and the middle east) burns.

But teacher, I really do FEEL like I am a pony! I am a pony, and I have a right to identify as one!

But little Billy was later expelled that day because his starched hair, do made to resemble a horses mane, was perceived as a Mohawk. Yes sir, that Mohawk represents likely mental instability, aggressive and violent behavior and well…just looks offensive to somebody.

But as ip and tuck must be praised as an act of great courage.