Woman assaulted during violent home invasion

October 3, 2015

tape 1Police are looking for at least two men who violently assaulted a Santa Maria woman during a Friday afternoon home invasion. [KCOY]

Shortly before noon, the suspects allegedly entered a home on the 700 block of Lincoln Street. Two intruders then violently attacked and sexually assaulted an occupant of the residence.

The victim fought against the intruders who eventually fled on foot.

In a similar home invasion in July, two men broke into the home of 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis while she was sleeping. Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, an illegal immigrant, and a co-defendant beat Pharis with a hammer and sexually assaulted her, according to Santa Maria police.

Eight days later, Pharis died in the hospital.

Friday’s victim is recovering in a local hospital. Police are asking anyone with information about the home invasion to call (805) 928-3781.

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Sanctuary City Paradise for the evil!

Santa Maria? shocking.

Another sick, heartbreaking event in our area. WHAT does it take to be safe in your own home? Neighborhood watch? What?

so very sad, best to this poor woman.

What does it take to be safe in your own home? A gun

Several of the people I know who live in Santa Maria do just that. There are several, in various key places (strategically). Locked and Loaded, too.

I mean, I own firearms, etc., but do not keep them loaded nor out of the safes… and every time I try arguing with them to put them away / unload them, I get the fire extinguisher argument.

Do you have a fire extinguisher? Yes. Is it unloaded? No… okay…

Stories like this only reinforce their decisions… and I can’t argue that.

What does it take? a state that doesn’t keep trying to reduce the severity of crimes and give every criminal a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh…….. chance.

Once convicted, definitely a ‘flick the switch’ to eliminate these POS.

Why I believe in capital punishment. Does ANYONE think you can or will rehabilitate this kind of piece of shit human being?? And if not then WHY house and keep them around.

Maybe because it cost so much more to Murder them by the state.

There are cases in which I feel state sanctioned murders should occur, but over all, let general population take care of them.

Prisons are not there to rehabilitate, let;s get that straight right now. We teach them how to perfect their skill, in inhuman circumstances.

If people really read what most of these criminals deal with in prison, with little to no food, and being assaulted while in prison. I am not a die hard let them out and live among us.

But realize the truth behind where we send people who WILL get out some day. Prisons breed criminals, no pun intended. We house more inmates than ANY other country, and we have the highest crime rates.

Simplify and streamline the process. Like almost everything the state does, the process is too lengthy, too expensive, and inefficient. It is not a deterrent when most on death row die of old age.

For me, the whole sanctity of life comes into play. Yes, it is a terrible crime; and all the “what if it was your ?!” is understandable, but vengeance is NOT mine, nor ours.