Smart & Final bids on Haggen stores

October 5, 2015

Haggen 2Grocery chain Haggen announced Monday plans to sell 36 stores in California and Nevada to two buyers who would keep the stores open.

Under the offers which will require court approval, Smart & Final LLC proposed to buy 28 stores, including the Johnson Avenue San Luis Obispo, the Creston Road in Paso Robles and the El Camino Real Atascadero, locations for $56 million. Gelson’s Markets has offered to purchase eight stores for $36 million, according to documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del.

Earlier this year, Haggen purchased 146 Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions and Safeway stores. Before the purchase, it operated just 18 stores.

Last month, Haggen announced plans to close 127 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. Employees received a 60 day notice of pending store and office closures.


Glad S&F are taking over SOME SLO County stores, but WAY disappointed the AG store was included.


The AG store is not included in S&F’s bid.


Get a store open quickly and get the overflow out of Von’s. lines were 15 long on Saturday.


Hey, what about Los Osos? We don’t want a giant empty store sitting there for years!


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it will be the Johnson Ave. location in SLO, with the run-down little store closing. I love me the Fart and Smile. My question is what will they do in Paso where they already have a full-size Fart and Smile Extra? Relocate to Creston Rd. I guess, I can’t imagine 2 in Paso.


Settle down you foolish individual. The new store (if it happens) will be a S&F Extra store. More like a supermarket than a restaurant supply. I suspect both stores will stay open in SLO…


Oh, but take notice.

They will REMOVE the service deli like they did in Arroyo Grande

Good bye Rotisserie Chicken!

That is not a grocery store where you can get everything on your list.

And no local produce!


AG’s S&F has started selling hot, roasted chickens ($5.99 each), and they are delicious.


and the bakery?

and the deli sandwiches and meat?

I’ll go to JJs on the hill ( at least he’s local!)


Before calling people foolish, you probably should have done a little work to figure out that the existing Smart & Final in Paso Robles is a Smart & Final Extra. It takes about 10 seconds on Google.


And not just an Extra but an Extra!


So what if it is? So is the one in AG. What does that have to do with anything?

SLO has more than enough volume for a S&F and a S&F Extra store. Given their fairly recent investment in the existing SLO store, I suspect they have a lease with considerable time left on it, hence my prediction of two stores if the new one does indeed become a reality.


My guess is that they will stay where they are on Spring St. S&F seems to only go up to a certain size and the one in Paso is a large store for S&F and is nice, so I doubt they will buy the Creston Rd. location. Just my humble opinion.


I see in the fish wrap this morning that yes indeed they are going after the Paso, Creston Rd. location. Now to see, do they keep both or close Spring. Fish wrap didn’t have answer for that.


I’ve lived on the downtown west side of Paso Robles, and closing the Spring Street market would be terrible for the residents there. We’ve gone through YEARS of having to drive over to Vons, Albertsons, or Food4Less when that store transitioned between Lucky/Ralphs and Scolaris, then from Scolari’s to Smart & Final. Scolari’s was the best, carried everything we ever wanted, the employees were the nicest and most helpful, full deli and bakery, and the prices were right in line with the others in town.


I spoke to a mgr at the SF Paso store today, was told than an offer is in, but not yet accepted. If it does go thru, the store on Spring will stay open and they will have the new store on the east side to boot. I think their goal is to close Food4less.


The one store didn’t want to see in area…………Gelson’s. Unless they have changed since I was in back 20 years ago, they are popular with the stars in L.A. i.e. EXPENSIVE!!


Gelson’s is interested in the LA area stores only. Gelson’s is what Haggen pretended to be, pricier but higher quality, especially produce, meats and seafood. Haggen just jacked the prices on the same old stuff.

Jorge Estrada

Finally, I can drive my Smart car to a Smart store. har har….


It’s not a Vons or a Ralph’s but Smart/Final has decent prices and good products….would be a good fit on Johnson Avenue.


I occasionally shop at Smart and Final, Their current SLO store is not nearly as nice as their stores in Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles which are more spacious and carry more products. The Johnson Ave. location in SLO could be a nice upgrade for Smart and Final.


give us a real grocer like Wegmans in Maryland!


The one gripe I have about the AG S&F is that you have to be careful buying their produce because they go bad pretty quickly.