Supervisor Hill responds to CCN’s questions

October 14, 2015
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill responded to a set of CalCoastNews questions about his work for a consulting business with a claim on his campaign Facebook page that he is not a paid lobbyist or consultant. Hill is running for reelection for the District 3 seat.

CalCoastNews sent a list of questions to Hill after discovering through government and company documents that Hill was moonlighting as a paid consultant for a company tied to a prominent local developer. On his latest financial disclosure form, Hill lists his position with San Luis Consulting as a consultant.

CalCoastNews emailed a list of questions to Hill asking about his consulting work that included: “How much money did you receive from San Luis Consulting in 2014 and 2015?” and “How do you advertise your consulting business?”

Instead of answering the questions, on Tuesday evening, Hill posted a statement claiming he is being targeted by CalCoastNews on behalf of his political opponents.

Hill’s statement:

“Today I was made aware that Cal Coast News will be coming after me yet again. Like others CCN has targeted, they are going to claim (with anonymous sources and no facts – once again) that I am a ‘paid lobbyist’ or consultant or whatever.

“I’m not any kind of lobbyist, or whatever, no matter how much CCN would like people to believe that.

“Well, I do freelance editing and writing, as I’ve done since Grad school. I declare all income, pay all taxes, and declare it. And I had it reviewed years ago by a Sacramento attorney. And I had it reviewed and registered by a local attorney.

“So there are the facts on this latest hit piece. I had a great day today at the Board, getting a 5-0 vote to update our Avila area plan.

“Haters like CCN are dishonest, because they don’t disclose that the reason they attack people like me is because it’s campaign season. And they are doing so on behalf of my opponents.

“Take CCN for what it’s worth – nothing.”


Adam, who murdered Aaron Wynn? Who benefited from his untimely death? Do you know the answers, I think you can enlighten all of us?


WOW!, I thought he had more hair than that.


Less hair = more brains.

Don’t you know that ?


Certainly does seem like a hit job. Maybe the guy deserves it but you will find a lot of more shady stuff than this if you look closely at almost any good sized city. What’s the goal here, is it to fire him? Arrest him?

I understand the people should know about the behavior of officials, but what is the point of calling out possible paid connections, without connecting them to justifiable acts and how the impact is relevant to the job. Is what he did illegal? He says what he does is not illegal.. So there’s like a one line sentence of a he said, she said story here. Where’s the rest of it? And if there is no rest of it, why publish this?


The object here is to keep hill and his lack of moral fiber in front of the voters so that he can be voted out of office,hopefully the same will happen for gibson when its his turn.

I picked up a week old Bay News and I see that for some unknown reason the Chamber had hill as a speaker for economic development on a panel with a couple other people to share their unique experiences and perspectives,why would anyone want this clown to darken their door way is beyond me.


Ok, there are so many shady people here.. You know someone once said a sunny place for shady people. That line could be applied to this town. But unlike the large cities with that name, this one is just dumb.

You don’t have a large pool of quality folks here, I gotta tell ya. And from what I’ve seen you actively run off the good folks.


You’re right. But most of the people who are “locals” ARE good folks. They are run off because a bunch of shady people have rolled into town with money and driven up the prices and elected people like Hill, who are interested in remaking the area into what they think is “best.” And they do that using support and money from shady people. Most of the people behind CCN, and it’s most loyal readers/supporters, are locals who are tired of the shady people and are seeking to expose them.


So true! Word has it that CAREN Ray will run for Mayor in AG.

Apparently she wants to win an election and sees this as her way to work herself back into the big game of BOS.

Arroyo Grande does not need an NKT, Grossman, Magano rubber stamp.

Nor do they need a redo of Ferrara.






I lean left on the BOS, but when Compton and Arnold question development while Pig Vomit is directly paid by the developers what am I to think?


“Freelance editing and writing”? SAY WHAT?

So are Supreme Court Justices just freelance writers and editors.

Golly, this poor guy is just misunderstood and by the way how stupid does he think we are? Obviously a lot because he still has a lot of people that support him.


I highly doubt that Hill’s “opponents” need to hire anyone to make hit pieces on Hill, all one has to do is listen to him as he digs his own hole(s).

Besides, I truly believe many people would be motivated to be a “hater” of Adam Hill without any regard to his “opponents” imaginary or otherwise.


I need a new passport photo taken, think Dan Blackburn will do it for me? Great picture!


I’m so confused……

I just want to know what Steve and Teresa were doing at City Hall on July 3rd?

No one ever told us and Steve and Tony have now left town.



What??? I think you are on the wrong page.

Go find an old story about AG politics.


Lighten up!


So… you’re a VOYEUR ?

Bet you have quite a collection of photo’s and other paraphernalia in your basement.

“Oh what tangled webs we weave….”.