Yanaga receives 40 years to life in prison

October 9, 2015
Thomas Nolan Yanaga

Thomas Nolan Yanaga

A judge has sentenced Paso Robles man Thomas Yanaga to 40 years to life in prison.

Yanaga, 53, was convicted last month of second-degree murder in the killing of Atascadero resident Marshall Savoy, 32. Yanaga shot Savoy in March after the Atascadero man tried to break up an argument between Yanaga and his wife at their Paso Robles home.

Yanaga claimed he shot Savoy in self defense and that Savoy was an intruder. Ashley Moss, Savoy’s girlfriend, witnessed the shooting and testified that Yanaga shot Savoy with a smirk on his face.

He walked into the kitchen, grabbed a gun, loaded the clip with a happy smirk and then shouted, “Hey Marshall,” Moss said. Yanaga then shot Savoy five times, Moss testified.

Shortly after police arrested Yanaga, he posted $1 million bail and gained release from San Luis Obispo County Jail. A week later, Yanaga was one of three men arrested following a shooting in Hanford.

In the Hanford case, Kings County Sheriff’s deputies charged Yanaga with attempted murder, participating in a street gang and committing a new offense while on bail, as well as committing a new felony.

At sentencing in San Luis Obispo, Yanaga received 15 years to life for the murder conviction. He received an additional 25 years to his sentence for an enhancement to his conviction. The enhancement was for discharging a firearm during the murder.

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Just sending him ‘home’. As a Vagos member he will be high up in hierarchy with lots of meth available courtesy of your very well-paid, questionably vetted, corrections staff.

Where is Funke-Bilu’s bluster now? No blabbing on TV ?


That’s what I’ve been saying. Here and everywhere, for years. Defense attorneys are paid liars. No conscience.

Right now they are doing a special on the OJ case. Defense team was the worst bunch of liars in the business and they totally scammed the system and the jury. Not that the prosecution didn’t help them by doing such a pathetic job, but a murderer went home a free man that day and celebrated getting away with killing two good, innocent people. And to think a year earlier OJ had a gun to his head in his Bronco because he knew the jig was up.

Common REALLY!!??? There were two people on this earth (O.J. and another) that could statistically have the same DNA type. Don’t you realize the other person probably had a better reason to want them both dead!!?? Also remember that O.J. said he wouldn’t rest till he found the killer. He spend a good amount of time looking all over the back 9 of numerous golf courses for the killer.

I presume you are referring to OJ’s son?

No, the odds that you could have someone else out there that might have a match. That is what the experts said at the time.

Sure hope Funke-Bilu gets the same results for his other client,

AG’s own Citizen of the Year, Lenny Jones.

Dude looks like Johnny Cash.


Funke took all his money and now Tommy’s going to live in a cage like the ANIMAL he is.. Now he awaits the trial in Hanford for attempted murder and another gun enhancement charge, so he’s looking at possibly another 15 years.

Justice was served in this case.. I know Tommy personally and he has always had anger issues and loved to slap the ol lady around…

Good and hopefully he gets to be someone’s bitch now and get slapped around.

Don’t you pretty much have to go “all in” when you hire Ilan? What good is being frugal with your money if you will have no need for it? If you had cancer would you not pay for treatment to “save” for something else?

Question is: Is it money well spent or money down the drain? I’m thinkin it’s got a real good shot at goin’ down the drain. You will, however, get lots of bluster.

Where is Funke-Bilu’s bluster now?

No blabbing on TV ?

Take the money upfront.