5 shot, 1 killed in Santa Maria

November 21, 2015

crime tapeOne person was killed and four others suffered gunshot wounds during three separate gang related shootings in Santa Maria on Friday night.

Shortly before 6 p.m., a gunman shot a man in the upper torso at 1240 W. Bethel Lane. The victim is expected to survive.

Two hours later, at 7:55 p.m., another shooting occurred near the intersection of Thornburg Street and Enos Drive. Three people were shot including Ulises Garcia-Mendez, 17, who died at the scene.

Another victim, who was critically wounded, was transported by helicopter to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. The third victim is in stable condition at Marian Regional Medical Center.

At 8:31 p.m., a third shooting occurred near the intersection of De Joy Street and Cox Lane. Before police arrived, the victim checked himself into Marian Regional Medical Center where he is being treated for gunshot wounds.

Santa Maria Police Department investigators believe the three shootings are all gang related, but they have not yet determined whether the shootings are connected. Friday’s murder is the 10th homicide in Santa Maria in 2015.

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Unfortunately, SLOJohnny is probably right. It’s happening in LA too. These crime sprees come in waves. Dare I say, there’s not much ugly can do about it. Those involved are set on getting ‘revenge’ from the last battle.

These shootings will become routine very soon. There will be several shootings every weekend.

Just my opinion, but its seems that the Mexicans that actually came here to work in the fields stay out of trouble, and work very hard. It’s their offspring that are born here or came here at a very early age that are committing all the crimes, involved in gangs, and are so violent.

I remember when my kids had to go to Santa Maria to play in school sports. The Mexican kids were very intimidating, foul language, and spitting at their opponents. It was always a terrible experience…….especially if they lost.

Work will make you free and your offspring notorious.

Just hours and days after the Paris incident endless raids and arrests were made in the hundreds. So I ask did all this intell come just one day after the incident? no I say. So why did it take 130 innocents deaths to say lets move? The law knows where most of the bike clubbers live or hang, as well they know where most of these mojado gang banging shitpiles live. So can legitimately ask why does it take a death to put fire under the laws ass and round up these turds?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like either of these groups but in the case of the gang bangers, how do you arrest before there is a crime?

Kick out the illegals to begin with, that would reduce the number of gang bangers BEFORE a second crime is committed.

In your hurry to a smug answer (which I agree with) you still didn’t answer the question. How do you arrest before a crime? That is what his question implied. There are gang bangers that are legal, so then what???

My answer is not smug.

Illegal entry is the first crime, decrease those numbers and other crime statistics will decrease as well.

Let’s try this another way. Do you thing all gang bangers are illegal??

In the sancutary cities (Santa Maria being one along with another 200 nationally) yes, most are illegal. They bring their turf wars with them. Just do your research on Mexico gangs and now they have come to the USA, land of the free.

These illegal people bring power to the politicians, just look at who is governing in Sacramento! We give them food stamps, housing, phones, driving licenses, the children an education, healthcare and soon the good citizens of California will be giving all illegals healthcare.

California’s real debt is $617 Billion the highest debt of any State and going up with all the craziness and we can not tax our way out of this. Money for roads,water, schools and citizens legal needs etc. is being used for all these illegal social problems and we keep giving the politicians permission.

Read this:


OMG!!! I give up. Duh I get gangs. I started following in news in 1980 and figured they would become a problem. Watched on news innocent kids get hit. I GET IT TRUST ME!!!!

My point is that YES a LOT are illegal but not all. YES they are bringing problems but if you think only illegals then you are a fool!!!

Criminal law

Immigration law

Two seperate branches of the law.

And it often “thins out” the herd of innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the beef and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The article says nothing about that. But, you don’t know your fallacies….so you took my statement and added “imaginary” circumstances that do not exist.

They just came here to work.. yeah sure.

This “thins out” the herd. Those with violent tendencies that extend into group violence/mob mentality simply kill one another off. That way, the DNA is not carried on to the extent that this DNA is heavily propogated. There will always be violence in this populace, but it will not spread so heavily that it becomes the dominant lifestyle in the community.