Deputy shoots at suicidal man in Orcutt

November 3, 2015

gunA Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy fired a shot at a reportedly suicidal man in Orcutt on Monday. [KSBY]

Around 4 p.m., deputies responded to report of a suicidal man on Julien Drive who was attempting to stab himself. The person who reported the suspect said the suicidal man claimed to have a firearm and would shoot cops if they do not shoot him first.

Deputies confronted the man on the sidewalk. They ordered him to stop, but he did not comply.

The suspect’s hands were covered at the time, deputies said. One of the deputies fired at least one shot out of fear for his partner’s safety. The shot missed the man.

The suspect kept advancing toward the deputies until they shocked him with a Taser. He then continued to resist, but was taken into custody and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on a charge of resisting an officer.

The deputy who fired his weapon has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

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If the deputy fired one shot and missed, it was most likely because he negligently discharged his weapon while drawing it.

Thanks to the Gods he didn’t compound on his error.

The article states that he was only arrested for “resisting arrest”, had he actually attempted self harm would be an automatic 72 hour psych hold.

This article is severely lacking details.

That is the norm here.

God protect and give thanks to our LE oersonnel!

someone needs more practice at the range.

Let’s give you a split second to make the decision, draw your gun and fire and see how you Q.B. that there Mr. Monday Morning.