Hill threatens Carpenter with beat down

November 18, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill allegedly threatened to kick a competing campaign candidate’s “ass” if the competitor did not stay away from Hill’s largest donor, according to SLO City Councilman Dan Carpenter.

During a Tuesday afternoon ribbon cutting event at the Village of Pacific West in Pismo Beach, one of developer Gary Grossman’s mixed use projects, Grossman gave Carpenter a private tour of one of the residential units. As Carpenter and Grossman left the building, Hill arrived, gave Grossman a hug and quickly led him away, Carpenter said.

Hill later approached Carpenter who was standing in the parking lot near an open field.

“You keep contacting my donors, and I am going to take you out in the field and kick your ass,” Hill is reported to have said as he pointed to a field in front of several witnesses.

SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

.            SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

Carpenter responded by calling Hill a “bully”and telling him to go away.

A few hours later, Carpenter sent Hill an email warning the supervisor to knock it off.

“Because of your threatening (bodily harm) comments and posturing directed at  myself today at a public gathering in Pismo Beach at approximately 3 p.m., you are advised to not have any physical, verbal, written, electronic, or other contact with myself or my family at any time in the future,” Carpenter wrote. “I encourage you take this warning seriously.”

Hill, who has nearly 10 times as much cash in his reelection war chest as his District 3 challengers have combined in their campaign accounts, received much of his funding from developers

Hill’s top donor is Grossman, who contributed $5,050 during the last reporting period. Grossman, the president of Coastal Community Builders, has donated previously to Hill’s campaign and $50,000 to the nonprofit of Dee Torres-Hill, the supervisor’s wife.

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He’s gonna slap him around with his man boobies…c’mon Adam mix in a salad once in awhile


Just thinking out loud here, but if you start boycotting his supporters as they throw money at him justifying his stance ” As a supervisor, I’m untouchable” attitude, his supporters would think about taking a step back and dis-associate themselves with this toxic, lethargic thinking schmuck and his female frothy headed troll. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t support those that support him, this action alone will speak volumes. JMO


Hill is a piece of sheet and everyone knows it. It sickens me that the partisan voters of SLO keep electing him because he is their piece of sheet. We need to start putting integrity back into leadership instead of partisanship. If the voters hold candidates to a higher standard then we will start to get better candidates.


When will Kamela Harris get off her ass and prosecute this THUG based upon all the articles about him? He works for local developers, he is even on their payroll or is that payola and then lobbies for them from his position of public trust. Adam Hill based upon these articles is simply a criminal, like his criminal spouse….


She is to busy running for political office, namely Barbara Boxer Senate sit. She is not engaged in Sacramento except for fundraising. Remembering this as she gets her bloated salary every month and is not doing the job when you go to the polls to vote. Democrats don’t give a rats ass what Democrat is running (Hillary Clinton is a perfect example) just vote for them and put them in vote. The “Party” will direct their actions (Lois Capps is an example). I was a Democrat but have always got informed and voted for the best person not the party. Now I am an Independent and will continue to vote for the best person, not the Party!

Get informed before you vote and don’t listen to ads, they are all lies and corrupt!


Does Hill drive a ‘lifted’ pickup? He needs to. Teeny…


I would knock that fool out!


“One of these days Hill will threaten the one guy who will take him up on the threat.”

I wish the fat slob would threaten me.


Two words…cage match

Three more words…pay per view


Two letters “KO” —

Mike Byrd

I would have loved to have been a bird on a powerline then and there if Dan had just said okay and walked over to the field. I learned many years ago as a schoolboy that when one stands firm against bullies they usually back off. Not always, as I learned the hard way, but usually. I don’t judge Adam to be an exception to the rule.