Hill threatens Carpenter with beat down

November 18, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill allegedly threatened to kick a competing campaign candidate’s “ass” if the competitor did not stay away from Hill’s largest donor, according to SLO City Councilman Dan Carpenter.

During a Tuesday afternoon ribbon cutting event at the Village of Pacific West in Pismo Beach, one of developer Gary Grossman’s mixed use projects, Grossman gave Carpenter a private tour of one of the residential units. As Carpenter and Grossman left the building, Hill arrived, gave Grossman a hug and quickly led him away, Carpenter said.

Hill later approached Carpenter who was standing in the parking lot near an open field.

“You keep contacting my donors, and I am going to take you out in the field and kick your ass,” Hill is reported to have said as he pointed to a field in front of several witnesses.

SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

.            SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

Carpenter responded by calling Hill a “bully”and telling him to go away.

A few hours later, Carpenter sent Hill an email warning the supervisor to knock it off.

“Because of your threatening (bodily harm) comments and posturing directed at  myself today at a public gathering in Pismo Beach at approximately 3 p.m., you are advised to not have any physical, verbal, written, electronic, or other contact with myself or my family at any time in the future,” Carpenter wrote. “I encourage you take this warning seriously.”

Hill, who has nearly 10 times as much cash in his reelection war chest as his District 3 challengers have combined in their campaign accounts, received much of his funding from developers

Hill’s top donor is Grossman, who contributed $5,050 during the last reporting period. Grossman, the president of Coastal Community Builders, has donated previously to Hill’s campaign and $50,000 to the nonprofit of Dee Torres-Hill, the supervisor’s wife.

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I was going to say the the BOS needs to climb on hill and explain to him that this is un acceptable, but on the other hand let the fool run his mouth all he wants, it just continues to show his contempt for his fellow man and further deepen the hole he keeps digging for him self.

Jorge Estrada

I have always respected Dan’s performance at being the adult and considering those around him.


Wait for it, wait for it.

Any day now Adam Hill will not be able to contain himself and will again erupt with words and/or deeds which will again embarrass the County as a whole, and the Board of Supervisors as well.

Wait for it…


And just think: If this bully isn’t reelected, this fool can go back to teaching out children at Cal Poly. There’s no end to the damage he can do our next generation! The fact that this guy can even find a job at minimum wage is beyond incredulous.


He doesn’t get paid enough to bother teaching. He’ll go to work for Grossman or one of his cronies, and get rich. For Adam, being supervisor is a means to an end, not a serious undertaking.


12 months remain to educate the District 3 constituents of Hill’s ongoing bullying behavior. If he does get re-elected then I’m apt to believe they too support big development and irreversable overcrowding.


But remember, this is a guy who sold himself originally as an enviro (he wasn’t, never was, not then, not now), not the growth maniac on the take from developers he actually is. The local press doesn’t keep people up to date. I still run into supposedly intelligent people who still think he’s an enviro, which he never was in the first place and nobody remotely familiar with his actions and votes could believe he is. Voters on all sides can be really stupid about who they vote for and support.


Geez! You think Dan overreacted a little? He might want to sign up with the witless protection program.


Calling Adam Hill “a bully” is far too kind. Let’s not forget Forbes columnist, Steven Hayward’s piece last year that described Adam Hill as “the most appalling local government official I’ve ever seen in my entire life” noting his “spectacular history of astoundingly abusive behavior toward people who express disagreement with him.”

This is just embarrassing. Clearly Adam Hill needs to go!



He’s still in office because his sheeple ideologue electors can overlook anything as long as he votes to further their agenda. Same thing happens with Gibson.


I thought the nincompoopery of Adam Hill could not be any worse than what we’ve already read about/experienced.

What is this bozo still in office?


Just wait, the election is still a ways out and if he keeps slipping in the polls the antics are bound to get even more bizarre.