Hill threatens Carpenter with beat down

November 18, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill allegedly threatened to kick a competing campaign candidate’s “ass” if the competitor did not stay away from Hill’s largest donor, according to SLO City Councilman Dan Carpenter.

During a Tuesday afternoon ribbon cutting event at the Village of Pacific West in Pismo Beach, one of developer Gary Grossman’s mixed use projects, Grossman gave Carpenter a private tour of one of the residential units. As Carpenter and Grossman left the building, Hill arrived, gave Grossman a hug and quickly led him away, Carpenter said.

Hill later approached Carpenter who was standing in the parking lot near an open field.

“You keep contacting my donors, and I am going to take you out in the field and kick your ass,” Hill is reported to have said as he pointed to a field in front of several witnesses.

SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

.            SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter

Carpenter responded by calling Hill a “bully”and telling him to go away.

A few hours later, Carpenter sent Hill an email warning the supervisor to knock it off.

“Because of your threatening (bodily harm) comments and posturing directed at  myself today at a public gathering in Pismo Beach at approximately 3 p.m., you are advised to not have any physical, verbal, written, electronic, or other contact with myself or my family at any time in the future,” Carpenter wrote. “I encourage you take this warning seriously.”

Hill, who has nearly 10 times as much cash in his reelection war chest as his District 3 challengers have combined in their campaign accounts, received much of his funding from developers

Hill’s top donor is Grossman, who contributed $5,050 during the last reporting period. Grossman, the president of Coastal Community Builders, has donated previously to Hill’s campaign and $50,000 to the nonprofit of Dee Torres-Hill, the supervisor’s wife.

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I am not a District 3 voter, but I am thankful Mr. Hill continues to exhibit this despicable, irrational behavior on a regular basis, and in public no less!

Some friends met with Mr. Hill once and went away from the meeting believing he was a fairly decent guy. Shortly thereafter, Hill had one of his public meltdowns. After watching the video here on CCN and learning just how Hill treats members of the public IN public, they’ve done a 180. It’s pretty clear Hill is able to check his crazy as long as he agrees with you, but don’t dare to disagree, or the real Adam comes out.

So, thank you Adam for allowing a greater number of local residents to “see the real you”, and to CCN for keeping an ever increasing number of us informed. There’s no way the Trib is going to touch this.


The behavior that Mr. Hill is demonstrating sadly is just showing his insecurity and inadequacy as a man. Apparently he sees a threat in Mr. Carpenter as well as Ms. Higgonbotham. If he continues to run with this behavior, I’m sure he will run his own campaign in to the ground. He’s not running any longer for the good of the county and wanting to make it a better place. He has turned it in to a personal self serving temper tantrum of, I’m not gonna lose, I’m not gonna lose, I’m not I’m not.” Grow up, Mr.Hill and start running your campaign on issues, not personal insecurities

Mike Byrd

I think you mean Debbie Peterson. Shelly Higgenbotham has decided not to run.


Hill did to Higgenbotham what he’s hoping to do to Carpenter, bully him out of the race.


He bullied Higginbotham to where she dropped out. I hope no one else cowars down to Mr. Hill. Even his supporters are probably shaking their heads. He needs to grow up and invest in anger management.


Are there gift cards for that?


Probably could look through his wife’s stash!


You get what you vote for.

Rich in MB

Absolutely….so the majority in Hill district are angry liberals….hello…tell us something we don’t know.


Dan could take him. Hill looks like a hobbit on ludes.

JB Bronson

Don’t miss it Dave. Hills behavior toward Dan Carpenter is intended to squash his freedoms by threats and intimidation.

Carpenter is now faced with decisions such as: Should I call the police? File a complaint with the Board of Supervisors? Should I get a lawyer? …

Those are not options he should have to consider for the appearence he made that resulted in the confrontation.

JB Bronson

Stop Dave. Stop whatever logical fallacy it is you are resorting to that skews the comparison.

Hill is a bully as is ISIS. The comparison starts and ends there.

And the point remains. Soliders are risking their lives so that idiots like Hill can behave the way he does? You don’t see something wrong with that?

Mr. Holly

It’s time for the Board of Supervisors to step up to the plate and publicly censor this fool. He is an embarrassment to every citizen in the County, If the balance of the Board respected themselves they would do this.


Agreed. If the AG City Council can go on over an hour about how a planning commissioner “looks inappropriate”. Certainly, the BOS can prove that Adam Hill is publicly inappropriate on many documented occasions.


They would not touch him during an election period because it would not be politically correct.


JB Bronson

I watch the morning news on ISIS and I can’t help but think of Adam Hill (and Bruce Gibson and others of the same ilk).

US soldiers should not be fighting and risking their lives overseas with pigs like Adam Hill running around all puffed up on the homeland.

His tactics are more representative of ISIS than US.


Stop! Stop right now. Or at least stop being an anonymous chicken shit and put your name on your opinion.

You compare Adam Hill to ISIS? Seriously???? And 14 other Anonymice secretly agree with you?

Shame on all of you. And shame on the supposed Moderator for allowing that comment to stand.

I have my own issues with the guy, but don’t ever compare an elected official to ISIS. Or Nazis. Stick to the facts.

Would you make that comment in this forum if you had to put your name on it?

Thought so.

Dave Congalton



Why don’t you read the commentary by Peter Scheer. This is a person saying he thinks Adam Hill’s actions and threats are more like ISIS than the U.S. An opinion, no lies. And this is what angers you?

Then look at the boy blogger. He believes in his mind he has the ability to determine who people are by their writing and claims he is right. No prove, just his uncanny ability to think something and then know because he thought it, it must be true. Or he claimes he spoke to an unnamed source a close friend of one of the women he is attacking, and they told him his suspicions are true.

The boy blogger, in his writings, has blamed a handful of people for reporting him and his family for elder abuse of a relative the family lives off of. Neighbors say the blogger’s mother is addicted to pain killers and there is worry for the relative they are responsible for.

Several years ago the boy blogger’s father posted on his Facebook page that the young man went through a stint of depression and wouldn’t leave his room for long periods of time because the blogger felt he wouldn’t be famous some day. He did not want to live if he would not be famous.

What is more important, political correctness at all cost or an end to abuse and bullying?


Ahem! I’m a MAN. I’ve had facial hair for at least six months now. That makes me a MAN. Except for my eyebrows which I shaved off to highlight my feminine gender crisis. And I wear my green newsroom hat when I’m blogging which makes me a PUBLISHER and the MANAGING EDITOR of several Facebook pages. I am a MAN JOURNALIST DAMMIT!

Also, I know there are no users here. I have carefully analyzed KV’s writing and compared it to each post. I have concluded each contains a large number of vowels and, therefore, KV is the only person on this site and I’m going to tell the world and my mommy about you!


Welcome Air–n,

Thanks for the laugh of the day!

Hope you’ll post regularly.


Wow, that is a pretty idiotic comparison; you must be pretty desperate. I do not care for Adam Hill that much, and this reported behavior is that of a bully, but to compare him to international terrorists is way beyond the pale.

Conservatives (apparently that is who is agreeing with this slanderous comparison), please step out of your bubble; Daesh certainly wants to impose their will on as many people as possible through extreme violence, but no US politician has any similarities to this terrorist gang, period. You may or may not be an idiot, but this an idiotic comparison, period.


One of these days Hill will threaten the one guy who will take him up on the threat.