Los Osos needs an unbiased investigation

November 4, 2015
Peggy Pavek

Peggy Pavek


I’m very concerned about the way in which Los Osos Community Services District Board President Mike Wright, Vice President Marshall Ochylski and attorney Mike Seitz went about “selecting” an “investigator” for the matter concerning General Manager Kathy Kivley.

Clearly, they chose one of the “good old boys” from San Luis Obispo to help with the cover up. Knowing Jim Gardiners track record of bias and cover ups, they knew exactly what the outcome would be.

They have spent thousands of rate payers dollars for a sham investigation to justify keeping Kivley on as general manager. However, by keeping Kivley on as General Manager, they are opening up the rate payers of Los Osos  for hostile work environment law suits, bankruptcy and many other issues.

I’m very sure that Seitz knew, or should have known, that “investigator” Jim Gardiner lost a very important “hostile work environment” case he was working on for Burbank Police Department.

I have personal knowledge of the very successful Los Angeles based attorney who won that case and I will be very happy to personally put anyone in touch with him  who have issues with “work place harassment” in Los Osos.

I have some very important questions that need to be put to Seitz, Wright and Ochylski and they are as follows:

Were you in touch with Attorney Richard Kreisler to hire Gardiner to conduct the sham investigation? Kreisler is well known for his abilities to assist in covering up misconduct and corruption in small municipalities and has worked with Gardiner many times.

I will just site one example at this time and that was when Kreisler and Gardiner were able to “shutdown” a potential scandal in La Mesa. That was when the mayor of La Mesa was found “passed out drunk” in his car by two La Mesa police officers.

I believe the rate payers of Los Osos deserve a fair, impartial and unbiased investigation into the Kivley matter and we do not need the “investigation” conducted by the very people who hired her. We deserve an outside independent investigation by someone not controlled by Seitz, Wright and Ochylski. Please help us get a real investigation.

Peggy Pavek lives in Los Osos with her husband and two Jack Russell Terriers. She worked as a corporate property specialist for over 30 years.

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You are absolutely correct .It does not look like a fair investigation.

The way that the district is going. Also, the Board and the FAC are approving financial reports that are totally incorrect including the budget. The District does not where their cash is nor how much is in each fund they have to operate. How can this go on. Ms. Kivley has not presented a correct Financial Statement and Cash and Investment report for two years. Then through this investigation it may be fixed to keep her. What are these three Board members thinking.

Minor on my bad, I mean to say NOT ONLY Los Osos district but all the others i listed, error corrected I too agree the Los Osos really does need a full unbiased investigation.


Do you see a pattern here of corrupt service districts or county facilities? Think Seitz, Wallace, Ogren, Bruin, etc,etc. All former Wallace employees, all in bed with each other at some level. I’ll say it for the 10th time, being paid by public funds why is it Seitz does NOT defent the publics best interest when it comes to these matters? He clearly stands along side of the incompetent, thieving manager in all instances. Disbar this Bastard and run him out of SLO Co after he serves his sentence in prison.

Anything involving Mike Seitz is going to be costly to the tax/rate payer.

Peggy, the citizens of Los Osos have never been been provided a fair, impartial and unbiased ANYTHING. Not from the county prior to the CSD or anytime since.

The community has been run (poorly managed) by self-serving, unprofessional opportunists who have been nothing more than modern day carpetbaggers disguised as community activists and pseudo leaders….with devastating results.

Their community activist is a joke… a very costly joke.

I support a real investigation not into Los Osos District but many others in the County. Having lived all over the World and many States in the USA, SLO County by far is one of the most dirty, uncleaned hands in the State.

SLO County should be investigated with an outside agency with the power of subpoenas, Indictments authority . I would NOT want any county involvement in any investigations. This County is by far the most dishonest, corrupt, I have ever seen or heard of ever. The Grand Jury is laughably the worst ever. They are one thing 100% worthless.

I would give the authority and power to one of several well known and respected Law Firms, like Paul Hastings firm or Bryan Cave LLP, or Mackanzie Firm etc. they all have great teams of investigators and lawyers. I would start with the County Counsel Rita Neal then to the Sheriff’s Dept. , the County VSO , Board of soups ! then get into the quagmire of destroying evidence, altering records, tampering with evidence, witness intimidating all from the County offices.

I can think of several offices within the County where truth, facts are not on the minds of those who steal, commits perjury, use items and money from we the taxpayers for personal financial Gain, starting with Rita Neal and all her county give contracts to fleece us tax payers, then to Auditor’s office Mr. Erb, then to John Schwin the alleged county safety officer who is NOT an officer at all but a paid and bought bully and liar for Rita Neal and others.

I would as i have offered but Mr. Erb said i would be wasting my offer of $750,000.00 to pay of an independent investigations and all the results would be made PUBLIC. So it sounds like he certainly does not want any investigations into what the many county offices who are abusing our funds, and cheating we the people. One of my favorite sayings is ” Evil Men Know NO Justice” this would be a good start to see how deep and far the local corruption goes.

The City of Arroyo Grande paid over $17,000 for an investigation that included over 50 interviews and was completed with absolutely NO WRITTEN REPORT!

Good Luck to you in Los Osos!

It’s even worse than that…remember the citizens of AG also paid then attorney Carmel for that “internal investigation”. Those phone calls over the 4th of July weekend, in the attempt to get the story straight with all the main players were not cheap.

Written reports create a paper trail which could ultimately wind up becoming incriminating in some cases..as such, this has become a wide-spread political (government) prorblem.


When ever Mike Seitz in involved there is bias and a cover up is going to happen. What a pos atty he is. He is responsible for keeping the lawsuit going against south county sanitation.

The ratepayers can thank Ferrara for that, this litigation was his parting gift to residents and his last ditch effort to keep the heat off Wallace, Nicolls and himself.

The fact that Matt Guerrero, John Shoals and Mary Lucey all choose to continue paying attorney fees rather than bring the matter to a conclusion is ABSURD!

Poor Jim Hill, the lone voice of reason- – – the only board member who wants to stop the bleeding, pay the fine and move on.

Thanks, we’ll get back to you.