Paso Robles council approves water rate hike

November 4, 2015

water moneyThe Paso Robles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse a rate hike that will nearly double the average water bill over the next five years. [Paso Robles Daily News]

Following the 5-0 vote, the average monthly water bill will rise $32.14 from a current cost of $36.90 to $69.04 in Jan. 2021. Paso Robles staff said the city’s water operation fund would run out of money in fiscal year 2022-2023 if the council did not pass the rate hike.

The rate hike includes a fixed monthly charge of $5 that will take effect in Jan. 2017. The fixed charge will increase incrementally until Jan. 2021 when it will reach $10.

The city’s current per unit cost of water is $4.10. It will rise to $6.56 by Jan. 2021.

The first increase in the per unit cost will take effect next year. The rate will increase to $4.40 in Jan. 2016.

City officials say the increases are needed because of reduced revenue due to lower water usage. Funds are also needed for infrastructure repairs and the cost of the city’s Lake Nacimiento pipeline obligation.


This is a direct result of the pos App and the councils that have entitled him to run the city into the mud. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear Jim you pig.


This will help pay for the next big pay out (hush money) to the next city official “fired.”


No surprises here, does the government ever vote against more money in their coffers? Of course people will start using water like they used to once the drought is over, doubt if that was taken into consideration, hard to wrap your head around this kind of thinking.


And the odds that the water rates will be lowered once the amount of water used returns to pre-dought levels?????

The government never votes to lower rates, fees, taxes, or costs, employees, benefits, pensions, salaries……

Mr. Holly

“increases are due to reduced revenues due to lower water usage”.

Well it looks like the pay and benefit packages will be secured along with any new infrastructure needed for all of the new housing and hotel units that are in the planning stages.

The city thanks all of the hard working and tax paying citizens of Paso Robles for making staff and future development happy.


Keep growing those grapes north county.


Total ignorant statement. This is about the lake water, not some well on a county vineyard. Why didn’t the city manager see this coming, I’d retire too if I screwed up as bad as App.

Jorge Estrada

Just wait until there is a paper shortage and a water shortage, then you can expect a tourist shortage too. Gotta about this, not much else we can doo.


+10, Black Copter Pilot!!

Jim App HAS screwed things up…for the last 20+ years.

Yes, past and present city councilmen share the blame…and city staffers…BUT the man at the helm has been City Manager Jim App. If he were a CEO of a private company, he would’ve been fired long ago. Shame, SHAME on councilmen for never firing App, especially after Chittygate.

Instead, Mr. App will soon retire and enjoy a generous pension for the rest of his life…all courtesy of the Paso residents that he’s screwed over through his inept leadership, arrogant attitude, and all-around awful decisions.


Uh, no, the blame lies with the voters. YOU may care about the issues, but obviously the majority are apathetic, otherwise App would have been out on his butt a long time ago, with the rest of the city politicians.